Social Sciences Section Newsletter#

January 2016#

Chair: Antoine Bailly
Committee Members: Alessandro Cavalli, Yale Fergusson, Maria-Dolores Garcia-Ramon, Alun Jones, Sture Öberg, Maria Paradiso, Justin Stagl, Yola Verhasselt

Dear Colleagues, As the new Social Sciences Section chair and successor of Professor Anne Buttimer, new vice-president of the Academia Europaea, I want to welcome our new members who have been elected in Darmstadt last September: Sophie Body-Gendrot, Jean-Marc Coicaud, Rita Gardner, Frank Geels, John Goddard, David Hulme, Corneliu Iatu, Michael Jones, Judith Schlehe, Peter Scheepers, Roger Kain, Izhak Schnell, Erik Swyngedouw, Helen Wallace.

There are two issues, one I would like to draw your attention to (1. Nomination of new members), the other I would like to discuss with you (2. Activities of the Social Sciences Section within the Class).

1. Nomination of new members: The new nominations cycle has opened on 1 October 2015 and will close at midnight on 15 March 2016 (the final lists will be approved by the Council at the meeting in Cardiff on 26 June 2016). All members can nominate new candidates for membership to any section and in any field. Nominations for Membership must be made by two members of the Academia. One of the two nominators must be a resident in a different country from that of the candidate. It is important that both nominators have personal and professional knowledge of the candidate. Potential candidates may be approached by the proposers, and should have given their permission to have a nomination submitted, on a clear understanding that any nominations is without guarantee or prejudice. Nominators can ask the candidate to complete relevant parts of the form. But, the Nominator(s) must however complete the case for election. Nominations should be made on the electronic form. This can be downloaded from the webpage.

2. Activities of the Section within the Class: “Migration and Identify” is the over-arching theme which Section Chairs in our Class have chosen as basis for collaborative efforts during the forthcoming years. The class is composed of the following sections: A7 (Behavioural Sciences), A8 (Social Sciences), A9 (Law) and A10 (Economics, Business and Management Sciences). Each Section is, of course, free to identify its own particular thematic focus. We plan a series of presentations at the Annual Conference on “Sustainability and Resilience” to be held in Budapest, September 2017. Our Section can contribute significantly to this theme. Thus, I would like to ask for your opinion on the subject matters and possible topics, on your preference of certain topics, on research you may have done or are willing to do in this field. I can imagine several topics for interesting discussions with our colleagues from the other sections. We have booked a first session for Wednesday june 29 (10.15-12.00) for presentations and discussions at the Cardiff Conference (June 27-29, 2016). Please keep these dates in mind, to join our 2016 annual conference.

Hoping that I shall hear from you soon, with my best regards.

Happy New Year 2016.

Antoine Bailly
Chair Social Sciences Section
Renato Scariati:

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