Richard Catlow

Professor Richard Catlow MAE wins Royal Society of Chemistry’s Faraday Lectureship Prize#

Professor Richard Catlow, of Cardiff University and University College London and member of the Chemical sciences section, has been awarded the prize for his contribution to physical chemistry.

The Royal Society of Chemistry‘s Faraday Lectureship Prize is awarded for exceptional contributions to physical or theoretical chemistry. Professor Catlow, who has held a joint professorial position between Cardiff and UCL since 2015, has been awarded “for the development and application of computational methods in conjunction with experiment as powerful and predictive tools in the physical chemistry of solids.”

Professor Catlow, who is Foreign Secretary and Vice-President of the Royal Society, has previously received other awards from the Royal Society of Chemistry including:

  • the Liversidge medal (2008)
  • the Interdisciplinary Medal (1998)
  • the Royal Society of Chemistry Medal: Solid State Chemistry (1992)

Ole Petersen
Professor Ole Petersen, Vice President of Academia Europaea said,

“I congratulate Professor Richard Catlow FRS MAE on winning the Royal Society of Chemistry’s prestigious Faraday Lectureship Prize. It is a wonderful recognition of his brilliant work on developing computational methods as powerful tools in physical chemistry.”

The Faraday Lectureship Prize was awarded in 2019 to another member of Academia Europaea, Professor Graham Hutchings, of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute at Cardiff University. Professor Hutchings was awarded “for seminal investigations of heterogeneous catalysis by gold and gold containing nanomaterials.”
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