Membership letter, Section Behavioural Sciences

March 2013

Dear Members,
This letter is to inform you about recent important developments within our section.

As you can see this message is signed by two of us, Johannes Siegrist who, after a long period, is stepping down as Chair this year, and Peter Scott, who as newly elected successor will officially take over the responsibilities of Chair at the Annual Meeting in Wroclow in September 2013. Together with this change our Section Committee has been renewed as of January 2013, as you can see from the updated website.

Although the Section has been growing over the past few years we still need more nominations for membership, and we hereby invite you to submit nominations via the established online procedure, if possible quite urgently by the end of April this year!

We also ask those of you who did not do so to pay your annual fee to AE as soon as you get respective information from the Treasurer. It is essential to have some financial support for future developments of the Section as well as of AE overall. Thank you in advance for your commitment.

For several reasons, our Section has not been very active in recent past, but we hope that new initiatives will be developed in the near future within and across sections, based on bottom-up suggestions from your side and on action plans from the Section Committee. We are convinced that your scholarship in different fields of behavioural sciences could make meaningful contributions to some important developmental (socioeconomic, socio-cultural, health-related) challenges which European societies are currently facing.

With our best wishes for a successful further development of AE’s Section of Behavioural Sciences yours sincerely,

Johannes Siegrist and Peter Scott

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