Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Early-Career Investigator Award #

The Academy of Europe is pleased to announce the Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Early-Career Investigator Award 2023 winner:

Dr. Pierre-Mark Delaux #

The award was presented on 31th August 2023 at the 15th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference Auditorium of the Royal Continental Hotel, Naples, Italy

Pierre-Mark Delaux

About Pierre-Mark Delaux#

Dr. Pierre-Marc Delaux is completed his MSc in biochemistry and Ph.D in plant – microbe interactions at the University of Toulouse, France.

At the University of Toulouse he is leading the evolution of plant – microbe interaction group. His group is interested in understanding how mutualistic symbioses between plants and microorganisms have evolved and diversified as well as how they function.

Dr. Delaux’s group has been employing comparative phylogenomics to reconstruct the evolutionary patterns of plant symbiosis and identify genes involved in symbiosis evolution. By combining with the computational analyses, his group has also established genetic and synthetic biology pipelines to examine the molecular bases of plant symbiosis evolution.

The long-term goal of Dr. Delaux’s research is to make use of the information on plant symbiosis evolution to engineer novel or synthetic symbioses.

About the prize#

The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Early-Career Investigator Award recognizes a young scholar for an outstanding scientific contribution.

The awards consist of a diploma/medal and prize money. This prize was established in recognition of the significant achievements made in the field of plant and microbe interactions and symbiotic nitrogen fixation by the late Professor Adam Kondorosi.

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