Generative Artificial Intelligence: technological bases and social implications#

AGORA 2: 13-12-2023 from18.00 h to19.30 h
Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona (RACAB)
La Rambla, 115, 08002 Barcelona

Event in Catalan Language#

The event will be held at the RACAB and by zoom:
WEB Seminar ID: 818 7177 3243
Access: 941339


Generative artificial intelligence ( in its multiple applications such as GPT's 'large language models', have captured the attention of global public opinion These generative applications are the result of the latest technologies in neural networks applied to the learning and transformation of texts, images, sound, and video This latest wave of innovation in AI technologies has sparked numerous debates and controversies about the consequences of its use.

We need to understand where this "generative AI" comes from and what it offers, its limitations as much as its capabilities, as well as the narrative that accompanies it We need to examine and discuss the current situation without the utopian and dystopian exaggerations that have been propagated, in order to assess the effects of this type of technology.

Invited speakers/discussants:#

Enric Plaza, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute , CSIC, Bellaterra and fellow d’EurAI
Núria Vallés, Post doctoral Researcher Margarita Salas, UAB UPC


Toni Pou, Scientific journalist

We hope you will join us!#

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