Tova Milo - Selected publications#

Over 160 papers in top international conferences and journals with over 7600 citation and H-Index 41 (computed by Google Scholar). Ten representative examples from the last 5 years:

1) O. Greenshpan, T. Milo, N. Polyzotis. Autocompletion for Mashups.
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, VLDB 09, 2(1): 538-549 (2009)

2) E. Cohen, H. Kaplan, T. Milo. Labeling Dynamic XML Trees.
SIAM Journal of Computing, 39(5): 2048-2074 (2010)

3) D. Deutch, C. Koch, T. Milo. On probabilistic fixpoint and Markov chain query languages.
Proc. of the 29th Symp. on Principles of Database Systems PODS 2010, 215-226, Indianapolis, June 2010.

4) Y. Amsterdamer, D. Deutch, T. Milo, V. Tannen. On Provenance Minimization.
Proc. of the 30th Symp. on Principles of Database Systems PODS 2011, June 2011.

5) Z. Bao, S. Davidson, T. Milo. Labeling Recursive Workflow Executions On-the-Fly.
Proc. of the ACM SIGMOD Int. Conf. on Management of Data, SIGMOD'11. June 2011

6) D. Deutch, O. Greenshpan, B. Kostenko, T. Milo. Declarative platform for data sourcing games.
Proceedings of the 21st World Wide Web Conference, WWW 2012.

7) D. Deutch, T. Milo. Business Processes: A Database Perspective.
Synthesis Lectures on Data Management, Morgan & Claypool Publishers 2012

8) D. Deutch, T. Milo, N. Polyzotis. Top-K Queries Over Web Applications.
VLDB J. 22(4): 519-542 (2013)

9) . S. Davidson, S. Khanna, T. Milo, S. Roy. Using the Crowd for Top-k and Group-by Queries.
Proc. International Conference on Database Theory, ICDT 2013

10) Y. Amsterdamer, Y. Grossman, T. Milo, P. Senellart. Crowd mining.
Proc. of the ACM SIGMOD Int. Conf. on Management of Data 2013.

ACM PODS, SIGMOD and VLDB are the most selective conferences on databases. Typically, acceptance is as competitive or more so than in journals. Their estimated impacts, as computed by citeseer, are of 0.12 (PODS), 0.12 (SIGMOD) and 0.1 (VLDB) - between top 6.8% and 9.2% publication venues in computer science.
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