Position Paper#

People's Union#

Together, Civil Society Europe (CSE) and the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH) call for an ambitious investment in FP9 for a grand challenge to achieve a People’s Union, covering research addressing EU citizens' main concerns.

The paper focus on three main points:
  • The need for a cluster with attention to People's Union
  • Few examples of areas of interests in the cluster: Democracy, Inequalities, Culture and Art, and Education
  • The importance to finance this cluster with a comparable budget to all the other clusters. This research not only is relevant to EU citizens but also addresses two of the Programme's priorities: gender balance and wider inclusion of Eastern European scholars

Read the paper(info)

The European Alliance for SSH welcomes the invitation of the Commission to contribute to the development of the next Framework Programme. In response EASSH has prepared two position papers, with a thematic and a cross-cutting focus respectively. Both papers are displayed and can be downloaded below:

1. EASSH Position paper

2. FP9‘s ambitious aims for societal impact call for a step change in interdisciplinarity and citizen engagement

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