Victor A. Kabanov#

Victor A. Kabanov
Membership Number:1096
Membership type:ORDINARY
Main Country of Residence:RUSSIA

Positions Held
  • Since 1970 – Professor (Macromolecular Chemistry), Head of the Chair of High-Molecular Compounds, Faculty of Chemistry, MSU
  • 1962-1969 – Associate Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, MSU.

Fields of Scholarship
  • Kinetics and mechanism of polymerization
  • Interpolyelectrolyte reactions and interpolymer complexes
  • Biomimetics using synthetic and natural macromolecules and synthesis of bioactive polymer microconstructs
  • Catalytic metal complexes in organized polymer matrices

Honours and Awards
  • 1987 Full Member (Academician) of the USSR Academy of Science (now Russian academy of Science)
  • Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Science (since 1968);
  • Member of Academia Europea (since 1995); Member of Belgian Royal Academy (since 1991); Foreign Member of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences (2000), Lenin Prize in Science for the work “Abnormally Fast Polymerization of Solid Monomers” (1984); International Award of Polymer Society, Japan (1995); Lomonosov Prize for the work “Condensed conformation of DNA is an inherent property of the neutral double helix”(1999); Demidov Prize “For outstanding contribution in Polymer Science”; State Prize of Russian Federation for the work “Conjugated polymer-subunit immunogens and vaccines” (2001).

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