Emilio Gabba#

Emilio Gabba
Sadly, this member passed away.
Membership Number:1402
Membership type:ORDINARY
Main Country of Residence:ITALY

Present and Previous Positions Emilio Gabba passed away August 12, 2013.

  • since 1996 Professor Emeritus, University of Pavia
  • 1995-2005 head of the Italian Historical Magazine
  • since 1995 Editor of the historical Italian Magazine
  • 1992 national member of the National Academy of Lincei
  • since 1990 Editor of the journal Athenaeum
  • since 1990 director of the International Journal of philology and classical education
  • 1988 corresponding member of the National Academy of Lincei
  • 1974-1996 Professor of Roman History at the University of Pavia
  • 1973, 1985-1986 Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton
  • 1958-1974 Professor of Roman History at the University of Pisa
  • 1949/1950 Fellow of the Italian Institute for Historical Studies of Naples
  • 1948 PhD, University of Pavia

Fields of Scholarship
  • military, social, economic and political aspects of the ancient world
  • late Republican Roman history and historiograph

Honours and Awards
  • awarded the honorary degree from the University of Dijon, Strasbourg and Mainz, Accademia dei Lincei
  • visiting professor at universities in Philadelphia, Oxford and Berkeley
  • member of the Academy of Sciences of Turin
  • member of the Lombard Institute of Science and Letters
  • member of the Academy of Archaeology in Naples
  • member of the British Academy
  • member of the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres of Paris
  • member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences of Washington

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