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__Present and Previous Positions__
*Since November 2015 Dean of the Institute for humanities and the social sciences, Scuola normale superiore,  Firenze, Italy
*Since 2013 Professor of Political Science, Scuola normale superiore,  Firenze, Italy
*Director of the Centre on Social Movement Studies (Cosmos)
*Director of the PhD in Political Science and Sociology
*Professor of Sociology, Department of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute, Florence
* 2009,11 - 2010,03  Visiting Scholar, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fuer Sozialforschung
* 2004,09 - 2007,08  Director of Studies - European University Institute, Florence
*April 2003 - October 2015 Professor, European University Institute
* 2005,04 - 2005,07  Luigi Einaudi Chair - Cornell University, Ithaca N.Y. 
* 2003,10 - 2004,02  Visiting Scholar, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, Paris
* 2000 - 2003,03  Full Professor of Political Science, University of Florence
* 1997,02 - 1998,01  Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship - Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fuer Sozialforschung
* 1993 - 1998 Associated Professor of Political Science, University of Florence
* 1989,10 - 1993,8 Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation-Career development award at Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fuer Sozialforschung
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Political mobilization and social movements
*Political participation and representation
*Transformation of environmental activism
*Transnational protest movements and global activism
*Corruption and organized crime
*Terrorism and political violence
*Participatory and deliberative democracy
__Honours and Awards__ 
* PhD Honoris causa, University of Gotenborg
* PhD Honoris causa, University of Bucharest
* PhD Honoris causa, University of Lausanne
* Mattei Dogan Prize for excellence in political sociology
* Harry Frank Guggenheim Career Development award
* Nomination to the European Academy

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