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__Present and Previous Positions__
* 2014 Scientific Director, OncoImmunology Programms, Gustave Roussy Cancer Center (GRCC)
* 2000 Director, Laboratory “Tumor immunology and immunotherapy” INSERM U1015, GRCC
* 2003 Full Professor, Immunology Biology, Kremlin Bicêtre School of Medicine, University Paris XI
* 2002 Co-Director, Center of Clinical Investigations in Biotherapies of Cancer, GRCC-Curie, Paris
* 1998 - 2016    Hospital Practioner, Breast Cancer Department, Clinical attending, GRCC
* 1995 - 2000 Associate Professor, Clinical attending, Medical University of Paris XI, Villejuif
* 1995 - 1998 Post-doctoral fellowship, Adenovirus Gene therapy, Pr Pericaudet’s lab, Villejuif, France
* 1994 - 1995 Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, USA
* 1992 - 1994 Instructor, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, USA
* 1990 Master in Tumor Immunology of tumors, Prof. Fridman’s lab., Institut Curie, Paris
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
* 2017 ASCO-SITC Award Keynote address Tumor Immunology, Orlando, USA
* 2017 Prize from the C.R. Brupbacher Foundation, Zürich, Switzerland
* 2016 Award from the Earle A Chiles Research Institute, Portland, OR, USA 
* 2014 Swiss Bridge Award for Cancer Research, Swizerland 
* 2013 Ligue Française contre le Cancer, Research Prize, Conseil Général des Yvelines, Versailles
* 2012 Member of the National Academy of Medicine, Biology Division, Paris, France
* 2012 Permanent member of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences, ECCO 
* 2011  Medical Research Prize, Price Raymond Rosen Fondation pour la recherché médicale, France
* 2007 INSERM Prize for Translational Research, French Medical Research Council (INSERM)
* 2007 Gallet & Breton Prize, National Academy of Medicine, Paris, France
* 2005  Charles Oberling Prize, Senate of the French Republic, Paris, France
* 2000  Gustave Roussy Prize, National Academy of Sciences, Paris, France
* 1999 Prize of the Chancellery, University of Paris- City Hall Paris
* 1996 Ligue Française contre le Cancer, Research Prize, Conseil Général Haute Loire, France
* 1995 Merit Award, Society for Biological Therapy, Nappa Valley, CA, USA
* 1994 Presidential Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology, LA, CA, USA
* 1992 Vocation Prize, Bleustein Blanchet Foundation, Paris, France
* 1992 Gold Medal, Internal Medicine, first Prize, Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris

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