!!Juleen Zierath - short curriculum vitae

*1984 University of Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls WI, B.S, Secondary Education, Business Administration
*1986 Ball State University, Muncie IN, M.A, Exercise Physiology
*1995 Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, Ph.D, Physiology
*1995 Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, Post-doc, Medicine
*1998 Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, SE, Docent, Physiology
*2010-pres Director of the Strategic Research Program in Diabetes at Karolinska Institutet
*2011-13 Member of the Nobel Committee, Karolinska Institutet (Adjunct member 2008-10)
*2010-pres Editor-in-Chief, Diabetologia
*2010-13 Chair of the Board of Directors, Keystone Symposia Organization

*2007-09 Member of the Swedish Research Council Board for Medicine
*2006-pres Member of the Nobel Assembly, Karolinska Institutet
*2006-pres Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Keystone Organization/Symposium

*2004-pres Member of the Novo Nordisk Research Committee
*2004-pres Minkowski Prize Committee European Association for the Study of Diabetes
*2004-06 Member of Sweden Central Sports Organization prize committee
*2000&2002 Program Committee Member for Annual Meetings of the EASD
*Scientific Reviewer of Grants from various Research Councils incl. Swedish Research Council, European Research Council
*Member of Editorial Board for Endocrinology (2000-04) and Obesity Research (2002-pres), Senior Editor for Journal of Endocrinology (2002-06), Diabetologia(2004-10), Diabetes Metabolism Research & Reviews (2003-pres), Experimental Diabetes Research (2006-pres), and American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism (2007-10)
__Plenary talks:__
*2011, Feb, AAAS Annual Meeting, Washington DC
*2010, Sept, The EMBO Meeting, Barcelona, Metabolomics Workshop
*2010, Aug, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Nuclear Receptors & Disease, US
*2010, July, International Congress on Obesity, Stockholm “Karolinska Institutet
*200 Year Jubilee Lecture”
*2010, July, 35th FEBS Congress, Gothenburg Sweden, Datta Prize Lecture
*2010, May, Massachusetts General Hospital – Karolinska Institutet – Cell Days of Molecular Medicine
*2010, April, Experimental Biology 2010 & American Society for Nutrition Presidential Symposium, Anaheim CA
*2010, March, The 1st International Abu Dhabi Diabetes Congress, U.A.E.
*2009, Nov, Frontiers in Medicine at Nobel Forum Karolinska Institutet supported by the Nobel Assembly. “Recent Progress in Research on Bioactive Peptides”
*2009, Oct, Biology in Balance, Cell Press, Massachusetts General Hospital and Fondation IPSEN. Buenos Aires Argentina
*2009, Sep, FASEB Summer Research Conference, Glucose transporter biology and diabetes
*2009, April, Experimental Biology 2009, New Orleans LA
Present Supervisor for 10 registered doctoral students: F Salehzadeh, F
Szekeres, S Kulkarni, R Tom, M Holmström, F Mashili, J Yan, R Sjögren,
I Riedl, C Nylén.
\\ \\
Previous Main Supervisor for 14 doctoral graduated students, and previous
Co-Supervisor for 6 doctoral graduated students.
\\ \\
Present Supervisor of 8 Post-Doctoral Fellows: B Benziane (07-pres), B
Egan (08-pres), H Boon (09-pres), E Nascimento (10-pres), L Mannerås Holm
(11-pres), H Kirchner (11-pres), T de Castro Barbosa (11-pres), J Massart
\\ \\
Previous Supervisor of 15 Post-Doctoral Fellows.