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Peter A. Ziegler passed away July 19, 2013.
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__Positions Held__
*1999 - 2003 Co-ordinator EUCOR-URGENT Project
*1990 - 2000:lecturer at University of Basel and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
*1988 December 1st, retirement from Shell. Since then independent exploration consultant (Petroleum Exploration Consultancy Services)
*1984 - 1988 Senior Exploration Consultant, team leader Global Geology, giving on a routine basis Shell-internal training lectures on: seismic stratigraphy, plate tectonics and basin evolution, intra-plate tectonics, structural styles of fold belts
*1982 - 1984 Deputy Head New Ventures and Exploration Advice Department (world wide responsability)
*1978 - 1982 Exploration Consultant with special responsability for Europe, South America, seismic stratigraphy and exploration in fold belts
*1970 - 1977 Region Geologist Northern Europe, acting Exploration Manager A/S Norske Shell and Denmark joint venture
*1970 - 1988 Shell Internationale Petroleum Mij. B.V. Den Haag, The Netherlands
*1967 - 1970 Subsurface Geologist and later Exploration Manager Alberta Plains
*1964 - 1966 Technical advisor foothills and offshore Exploration Division
*1958 - 1963 fieldwork Canadian Cordillera, fieldparty supervisor
*1958 - 1970 Shell Canada Ltd. Calgary, Canada
*1957 Compagnie d'Exploration Pétrolière, fieldwork in southern Algeria
*1956 Societé des Pétroles de Madagascar, fieldwork Morandava basin, Madagascar
*1955 ISRAMCO, fieldwork Dead Sea area, wellsite geologist
*1948 - 1955 University of Zürich, Geology study. Ph.D. University of Zürich, May 1955. (Promotor: Prof. R. Trümpy)
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*1983 Member Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
*1984 Honorary Member of The Geological Society, London
*1986 Fourmarier Medal, Geological Society Belgium
*1986 American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Distinguished Lecturer
*1987 Van Waterschoot van der Gracht Medal, Royal Geological and Mining Society of The Netherlands
*1988 William Smith Medal, The Geological Society, London
*1989 Entry in International "Who is Who"
*1990 Thomas Neville George Medal, Geological Society of Glasgow
*1990 Robert H. Dott sr. Memorial Award, American Association of Petroleum Geologists (best Special Publication award)
*1990 Member Academia Europaeana
*1992 Honoray Lecturer, University of Basel (geodynamics, basin evolution)
*1993 Leopold von Buch Medal, Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft
*1994 Honorary Member of the Polish Geological Society
*1995 Special Commendation Award, American Association of Petroleum Geologists
*1995 Honorary Member European Union of Geoscientists
*1995 Distinguished Lecturer Award Netherlands Research School of Sedimentary Geology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
*1995 Member New York Academy of Sciences
*1995 Pjotr Leonidovici Kaptsa Medal, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
*1996 Entry in "Who's Who in the World"
*1996 Member Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Crakow
*1996 Titular Professor for Global Geology, University of Basel
*1997 Honorary Member Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
*1997 Doctor Honoris Causa, Moscow State University
*1997 Entry “2000 Outstading Pleople”
*1997 Life membreship Bureau International Lithosphere Program
*1998 Stephan Müller Medal, European Geophysical Society
*1999 Tectonophysics 300, Tectonics of Sedimentary Basin Formation: Model and Constraints.”The Ziegler Volume”
*2000 Foreign Member Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsawa
*2000 Dr. Honoris Causa, Technical University of Delft
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