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Diter von Wettstein passed away April 13, 2017.
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__Positions Held__
*since 1996 R.A. Nilan Distinguished Professor at Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences & School of Molecular Biosciences, Washington State University
*1972 - 1996	Professor and Head, Department of Physiology, Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen
*1975 - 1988	Director Carlsberg Plant Breeding
*1962 - 1975	Professor and Head Institute of Genetics, University of Copenhagen
*1966, 1972, 1974 Visiting Professor at the University of California, Davis, CA 
*1969	Visiting Professor at Washington State University
*1958	Rockefeller fellow, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena & Carnegie Institution of Washington, Cold Spring Harbor & Stanford 
*1957	Assistant professor in Genetics at Stockholm University
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Biotechnology of barley and wheat improvement
*Biosynthesis of the photosynthetic membrane and chloroplast biogenesis
*Chromosome pairing, mechanism of crossing-over and genome analysis
*Epigenetics designer Transcription Activator-Like Effectors
*Development of proanthocyanidin-free barley (metabolic engineering)
*Development of wheat compatible with celiac patients (Mutations by designer Transcription Activator-Like *Effectors and Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes)
*Molecular genetics of stem rust and herbicide resistance in barley
__Honours and Awards__
*Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences USA
*Member of
**Royal Danish Academy of Sciences
**Royal Physiographical Society, Lund
**European Molecular Biology Organization
**Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina
**Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
**Academy of Technical Sciences, Copenhagen
**Academia Europaea, Académie Royale des Sciences de Belgique
**Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
**Nordrhein-Westfälische Akad.d.Wissensch
**Washington State Academy of Sciences
*Honorary Member Swedish Seed Association, Svalöf
*Lillö-Stiftelsens Prize for Genetic Research
*Gregor Mendel Medal & Kurt Mothes Gold Medal, Leopoldina
*Rebeiz Life Time Achievement Award
*Dr.agro.h.c. Copenhagen
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