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__Present and Previous Positions__
* Since 2018-03 UNESCO Chair on Global Understadnding for Sustainability
* Since 2010-01 Founder and Executive Director of the International Year of Global Understanding: UNESCO Resolution  37C/63
* Since 2016-08 Chair of the IGU Research Group 'Global Understanding'
* 1997-04 - 2018-09 Chair of Social Geography, Insitute of Geography, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
* 2008-01 - 2016-12 Panel Member of the European Research Council (ERC). Panel: Environment & Society
* 2005-04 - 2006-04  Guest Professor in Human Geography at the Department of Geography, Universtity of Geneva
* 2004-08 - 2016-09 Chair of the IGU Research Group 'Cultural Approach in Geography'
* 2001-02 - 2001-03 Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) 
* 2000-11 - 2000-12 Guest Researcher at the London School of Economics
* 1989-04 - Fall 1990-09 Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge (UK) Member of High Table at Kings College, Cambridge
* 1988-10 - 1998-09. Lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich
* 1986-06 - 1997-03. Associate Professor at the University of Zurich
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Social theory and human geography: Action theory in geography, cultural and social sciences
*Political regionalism and nationalism/regional and national identities
*Everyday regionalization of power, information and symbolic attributions (public/private; gender; age; race; status etc.)
*Analysis of globalization processes in action-centered perspective
*Globalization and urbanization processes
*Cultural dimensions of everyday geographies
*Methodology and epistemology of social sciences and human geography
*Societal ecology
*Global understanding for sustainability
*Regionalist and nationalist discourses
__Honours and Awards__
* Since 2019 Member of the Presidium of the United Nations Association of Germany - Section Central Germany
* Since 2018 UNESCO Chair on Global Understanding for Sustainability
* Since 2016 Advisor to the Taihu World Cultural Forum (China)
* Since 2013 President of the National German IGU Committee
* 2019 Best Practice Award by the European Commission. Erasmus Mundus+  APHELEIA Project  
* 2016 Laureat d’honneur of the International Geographical Union lifelong contributions to geographical science
* 2015 Honnrary Guest of the American Assocaition of Geographers Annual Conference,  San Francisco
* 2012 - 2014 Consultant Institute of Envrionment and Ressources, Taiwan
* 2005 Outstanding Teacher Award ffor best teacher of the Friedrich Schiller  University of Jena (“Lehrpreis des Rektors”)

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