!!Roger Watson - Curriculum Vitae

*1974-1978 The University of Edinburgh   \\
*1978-1982 The University of Sheffield   \\
*1982-1984 St George’s Hospital, London
*1978 Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences), The University of Edinburgh\\
*1982 Doctor of Philosophy (Biochemistry), The University of Sheffield\\
*1984 Registered General Nurse, St George’s Hospital, London
__Additional training__
*1990 Teaching, Learning and Assessment, The University of Edinburgh\\
*2008 Theories of Learning to Teach On-Line, Sheffield College\\
*Learning to Teach On-Line in Practice, Sheffield College\\
*2010 Good Clinical Practice (Online), Epigeum (updated 2015)\\
*2011 COPE eLearning Course on Publication Ethics
__Honorary, visiting and other appointments__
*Visiting Professor, 2nd Hospital of Shandong University, China 2018-2021\\
*Visiting Professor, University of Hong Kong, 2017-2019\\
*Visiting Professor, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China 2017-2020\\
*Visiting Professor, University of Maribor, Slovenia, 2016-present\\
*Visiting Professor, University of Navarra, Spain, 2016-present\\
*Visiting Professor, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, 2016-2019\\
*Visiting Professor, Affiliated Hospital of Southwestern Medical University, Luzhou, China 2015-2022
* Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Maribor, Slovenia 2019-present\\
* Adjunct Professor, NUI Galway, Ireland 2020-2023\\
* Visiting Professor, Shaqra University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2021-2022\\
* Honorary Professor, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong 2021-2023\\
* Associate member of staff, University of Worcester 2022-2025\\
__Recent research grants (*indicates Principal Investigator)__
*2013 £111765 (24 months) from Burdett Trust for Nursing for Nursing for Humanising Services: A new transferable leadership strategy for improving ‘what matters to older people’ to enhance dignity in care (with Galvin K, Cowdell F, Ersser S)\\
*2014 Aus$24750 (12 months) from University of Western Sydney Partnership Grants for Feeding at end-of-life for people with advanced dementia: An exploratory study of decision-making (with Wilkes L, Cioffi J, Fleming A)\\
*2016 £183857 (3 years) from Burdett Trust for Nursing for Supporting Transition and Retention of newly registered nurses (STaR Project) (with Wray J, Barrett D)*\\ \\