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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2012 Professor of Economics
*2012 Member of the UK Migration Advisory Committee (MAC)
*2015 Director of Research in Economics, University of Southampton
*2008 Leader of the Migration Research Strand, ESRC Centre for Population Change at University of Southampton
*2006 - 2012 Associate Professor (Reader) in Economics, University of Southampton
*2007 - 2008 Head of Economics Teaching Programmes, University of Southampton
*2001 - 2006 Lecturer in Economics (Tenure awarded 2002), University of Southampton
*2000 - 2001 Senior Research Fellow, Dept. of Economics, University of Southampton
*1996 - 2000 Research Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Southampton
*1995 - 1996 Lecturer- Department of Economics, University of Southampton
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Migration
* Labour markets in developing countries
* Labour economics
__Honours and Awards__
* 2016 Named one of 6 vital voices on the economics of migration by News Deeply.
* 2016 International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition, to which I contributed a piece on Child Labour, won the PROSE award for Excellence in Reference Works and for Multivolume Reference - Humanities & Social Sciences. It was also the number 1 most accessed Major Reference Work on ScienceDirect in 2015.
* 2009 - 2012 Principal Investigator, NORFACE, Migration Programme, “Understanding Migrants’ Choices in Europe, large grant.
* 2005 Winner of Best Policy Oriented Paper, Labour Theme. “The Effects of Structural Adjustment on Youth Unemployment in Egypt”. Annual Conference of the Economic Research Forum (ERF).

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