!!Joaquín Tintore Subirana - Curriculum Vitae
*1984: Grade in Physics, University of Barcelona, Spain \\
*1988: Ph.D. in Physics, University of Barcelona Spain \\
*2000: Awarded CSIC Research Professor\\
**2009-Present: Director of ICTS SOCIB, from December 2009 to present.\\
**2006-Present:  Institutional Coordinator of CSIC in the Balearic Islands.\\
**2008-2013: Head of the Departament of Marine Techno., Operational Oceanography and Sustainability of IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB). \\
**2008-2011: Chair of the "Comisión Permanente de Investigación de Accidentes e Incidentes Marítimos". Ministry of Development\\
**2007-2012: AZTI Scientific Advisory Board.\\
**2005-2010: Chair Advisory Committee of tha Spanish Agency for Evaluation and Prospective.  Ministry of Education and Science.\\
**2001-2004: Coordinator of the Natural Resources Research Area of CSIC.\\
**2001-2004: Members of the Advisory Committee of Spanish Large Scale Infrastructures (CAGIC).\\
**1999-2008: Director of IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB).\\
**1995-1998: Scientific Responsible for 1st National Programme for Marine Sciences & Technology (Part time).\\
**2015 - Present Member of Science Europe Working Group on Research Infrastructures. \\
**2012 - Present Euro-GOOS Coastal Ocean and Shelf Seas Modelling Working Group.\\
**2012 - Present E – ARGO – ERIC; Euro-Argo ERIC (E-A ERIC), Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG).\\
**2010 - Present HYMEX: International Scientific Steering Committee (ISSC), HYdrological cycle in the Mediterranean EXperiment. \\
**2009 - Present Eurogoos Science Advisory Working Group\\
**2009 - Present COSYNA (Coastal Observation System for the Northern and Artic Seas), GKSS (Institute for Coastal Research).\\
**2008 - Present MOON Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network. Chairman Scientific Comittee. \\
**2010 - 2013 Member of Marine Research Infrastructures EU Experts group (member of). Research & Innovation DG.\\
**2009 - 2012 MyOcean, Operational Oceanography in Europe. Scientific Steering Committee.\\
**1996 - 2000 Vice-Chairman“European Marine Board-European Science Foundation. \\
__MAIN EDITORIAL ACTIVITIES: Editor of Scientific Books and Special Volumes.__
\\ \\
1. J. Tintoré, A. Alvarez, R. Onken editors. Mediterranean physical oceanography and Biogeochemical cycles: Mediterranean general circulation and climate variability. Progress in Oceanography. Prog. in Oceanog. 66 (2-4) pp. 87-88. 2005 (SCI)\\

2. E. Lipiatou, R. Mosetti, S. Heusner A Tselepides, J. Tintoré. Progress in Oceanography of the Mediterranean.  Prog. in Oceanog. 44 (1-3).1999. (SCI)\\

3. E. Lipiatou, R. Mosetti, S. Heusner, A Tselepides, J. Tintoré, R. Santoleri, A. Monaco. Scientific report of the first conference on Progress in Oceanography of the Mediterranean. Research in Enclosed Seas Series- 3, 493 páginas ISBN 92 828 4345 – 9. 199\\
\\ \\
First author and coauthor of 182 publications in SCI journals. 3 patents.\\
Principal investigator in 55 peer reviewed research projects.\\
Supervisor of 10 PhD Thesis
\\ \\
\\ \\
2003: National Research Award ‘Alejandro Malaspina de Ciencias y Tecnologías de los Recursos Naturales’, 2003 “for relevant and innovative research that has developed in the field of oceanography, contributing very significantly to the knowledge of the mesoscale movements  in the Mediterranean Sea”.\\ \\