!!Hans Thybo - Publications
Authorship of more than 200 publications in international refereed journals and editorship of 10 special thematic volumes of international journals\\
Web of Sciences: 210 Publ. with 8300 citations, H=54, a=H/No. of active years= 1.65\\
Google Scholar: 11592 citations, H=63, a= 1.9
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Some significant publictions__\\
i:	BABEL Working Group (S.Klemperer, R. Hobbs, R. Meissner, A. Berthelsen, H. Thybo et al.), 1990. Evidence for early Proterozoic plate tectonics from seismic reflection profiles in the Baltic Shield. Nature. , 348, 34-38.\\
ii:	KRISP Working Party (C. Prodehl, J. Mechie, M.A.Khan, P. Maguire, H. Thybo et al.), 1991. Large scale variation in lithospheric structure along and across the Kenya Rift. Nature, 354, 223-227.\\
iii:	BABEL Working Group (H. Thybo, E. R. Flueh et al.), 1993.  Deep seismic reflection / refrac-tion interpretation of crustal structure along BABEL profiles A and B in the southern Baltic Sea. Geophysical Journal Internatio¬nal 112, 325-343.\\
iv:	MONA LISA Working Group (H. Thybo et al.), 1997. Deep seismic investigations of the lithosphere in the southeastern North Sea. Tectonophysics 269, 1-19.\\
v:	Thybo, H. and Perchuc, E., 1997. The seismic 8º Discontinuity and Partial Melting in Continental Mantle. Science 275, 1626-1629.\\
vi:	Thybo, H., 1997, Geophysical characteristics of the Tornquist Fan area, northwest TESZ: Indication of Late Carboniferous to Early Permian dextral transtension. Geological Magazine 134, 597-606.\\
vii:	Nielsen, L., Thybo, H., and Solodilov, L., 1999, Seismic tomographic inversion of Russian PNE data along profile Kraton, Geoph. Res. Lett. 26, 3413-3416.\\
viii:	Thybo, H., Nielsen, L., and  Perchuc, E., 2003, Seismic scattering at the top of the mantle transition zone. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 216, 259-269.\\
ix:	Artemieva, I.M., Thybo, H., and Kaban, M.K., 2006, Deep Europe today: Geophysical synthesis of upper mantle structure and lithospheric processes over 3.5 Ga. Eds.: D. Gee & R. Stephenson, European Lithosphere Dynamics, Chapter 1.4, 11-41.\\
x:	H. Thybo, and C.A. Nielsen, 2009, Magma-compensated crustal thinning in continental rift zones. Nature, doi:10.1038/nature07688.\\
xi:     Thybo, H. & Artemieva, I. M., 2013, Moho and magmatic underplating in continental lithosphere. Tectonophysics, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2013.1005.1032.\\
xii:   Thybo, H., Youssof, M., Artemieva, I.M., 2019. Southern Africa crustal anisotropy reveals coupled crust-mantle evolution for over 2 billion years. Nature Comm., 10, 10.1038/s41467-019-13267-2.\\
xiii:    Artemieva I.M. and Thybo H., 2020, Continent size revisited: Geophysical evidence for West Antarctica as a back-arc system. Earth-Science Rev., doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2020.103106, 18 pp.\\
xiv:   Wang, G., H. Thybo (corresponding author), and I. M. Artemieva, 2021. No mafic layer in 80 km thick Tibetan crust, Nature Communications, 12, doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-21420-z.\\
xv:    Hans Thybo and 11 co-authors, 2021. ScanArray—A Broadband Seismological Experiment in the Baltic Shield. Seismological Research Letters, doi: https://doi.org/10.1785/0220210015
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