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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2018 - 2019 Head of School of Law, Manchester University
*2013 - present University of Manchester. Professor of Law 
*2006 - 2013 University of Glasgow. Professor of Politics
*2004 - 2006 King’s College London. Professor 
*2003 - 2004 King’s College London. Reader 
*1995 - 2003 King’s College London. Lecturer 
*1993 - 1995 University of Sussex. Lecturer
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Sociology of law
*Sociology of institutions
*Historical sociology
*Legal history
*Comparative constitutional law
*Legal and political philosophy
__Honours and Awards__
*2021 Visiting Professor in Sociology, University of Flensburg
*2020 World Complexity Science Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement
*2018 Humboldt Research Prize (Humboldt-Forschungspreis)
*2018 Niklas Luhmann Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Sociological Theory (Faculty of Sociology, University of Bielefeld)
*2018 Visiting Professor, School of Law, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo
*2016 Brazilian National Government Senior Visiting Professorship (Faculty of Law, University of Brasilia)
*2016 Membership of Academia Europaea
*2014, 2017, 2019 Visiting Professor, Unisinos Law School, São Leopoldo, Brazil
*2013 European Research Council Advanced Grant
*2012, 2015 Visiting Professor, Department of Government, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago de Chile
*2011 Wolfgang Kaupen Preis (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie) 
*2000 Outstanding Book Award (American Library Association)
*1990 Best Undergraduate Degree (Downing College Cambridge)
*1988-90 University of Cambridge Scholarship

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