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__Present and Previous Positions__
* 2012 to date Pro Vice-Chancellor (International and Engagement), Cardiff University
* 2008 to date  UNESCO Chair in the Development of a Sustainable 
* 2010 to 2012  Pro Vice-Chancellor (Innovation, Engagement and International Activities), Cardiff University
* 2007 to 2010 Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Innovation & Engagement),Cardiff University
* 2002 to 2010 Director, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University
* 1999 to 2002 Senior Deputy Head, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University
* 1996 to date   Founder Director, Geoenvironmental Research Centre, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University
* 1995 to date   Professor of Civil Engineering, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University
* 1980 to 1995  Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, School of Engineering, Cardiff University
* 1978 to 1980  Senior Research Assistant, University College, Swansea
* 1973 to 1978  Graduate engineer under professional agreement with Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick and Partners, Consulting Engineers
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Geoenvironmental engineering
* Transport properties of unsaturated soils
* Thermo/hydraulic/mechanical/chemical (THMC) analysis of the engineering behaviour of unsaturated soils
* Numerical modelling and simulation of THMC behaviour of soils and rocks
* High performance computing
* Geological disposal of high level nuclear waste
* The development of a sustainable geoenvironment - groundwater contamination, land regeneration, landfills, pollutants
* Ground energy problems - ground source heat
__Honours and Awards__
* 2012  Fellow of the Royal Society of London
* 2011  Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales
* 2005  Fellow of the Transport Research Foundation, UK
* 2003  Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK
* 1999  Dufton Silver Medal: Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

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