!!Irma Paula Nathalia Thesleff 
__Born:__ 24.07.1948, Helsinki
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__Current Position__
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Professor, Research Director of Developmental Biology Program, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, from 1996
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__Education and Training__
*Graduation from Dental School (DDS) University of Helsinki, 1972
*Doctor of Odontology (Dr.Odont), University of Helsinki, 1975	                                                               
*Docent (Lecturer) in Developmental Biology University of Helsinki, 1980          
*Specialist's rights in orthodontics, 1983
__Previous professional appointments__
*Research Associate, the Academy of Finland, 1973-1976
*Instructor, Dept. of Pedodontics and Orthodontics, University of Helsinki, 1976-1978          
*Visiting Associate, Laboratory of Developmental Biology and Anomalies, NIDR, Bethesda, MD, USA, 1978-1979
*Instructor, Dept. Pedodontics and Orthodontics, Univ. Helsinki, 1979-1983
*Scientist, Academy of Finland, 1983-1990
*Professor and Chairman, Department of Pedodontics and Orthodontics, University of Helsinki, 1990-2004
__Research awards and honors__
*The Pohjola award of the Finnish Dental Society and Finnish Dental 
*Association for "scientific work at national and international levels"	1987
*Int.Assoc.Dent.Res. Distinguished Scientist Award in Craniofacial Biology 1993
*Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (Suom.Tiedeakat.), invited member 1994
*Thuréusprize of the Umeå university 1995
*City of Helsinki, Science Award 1997
*Honorary Doctor in Odontology, University of Göteborg 1997
*Swedish Dental Society, International Prize 1997
*Center of Excellence, University of Helsinki (with H.Sariola and C.Roos) 1997-2001
*Academy Professor, Finnish Academy 1998-2003
*Anders Jahre Prize in Medicine, Oslo University 1999
*Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, Prize for ”Excellent contribution to dental research” 2000
*EMBO, invited member 2000
*Academiae Europaea, invited member 2000
*Center of Excellence in Developmental Biology, Academy of Finland (with H.Sariola and J.Partanen) 2002-2007
*Honorary Doctor in Odontology, University of Copenhagen 2002
*Honorary Doctor in Science, McGill University, Montreal 2004
*Professor of the Year, The Finnish Association of University Professors 2005
*Sheldon Friel Memorial Lecturer, EOS, Amsterdam 2005
*Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters (Suom.Tiedeseura), invited member 2005
*Honorary Doctor, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 2005
*Honorary Professor in Craniofacial and Dental Genetics, University of Copenhagen 2005-2010
*IADR/AADR William J. Gies Award for best paper in Biological Research 2006
*Chairman of the Board, Biocentrum Helsinki 2007-2009   
*Gordon Conference on “Craniofacial Morphogenesis & Tissue Regeneration, Chair 2008
*European Orthodontic Society, President 2008-2009
*Honorary Doctor, University of Debrecen, Hungary 2008
*IADR Isaac Schour Memorial Award 2008
*Honorary Doctor, University of Oslo 2008
*AAAS Fellow 2009
*Valkhof Chair (Visiting Professor), Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2009
*Apollonia Prize, Finnish Dental Society 2009
__Major research grants__
*The Academy of Finland, yearly project and program grants 	1982-2001	2008-2011
*National Institutes of Health, Dental Research grant 1 ROI DE09399		1990-1993
*University of Helsinki, Biocentrum Helsinki grant			1994-2009
*Sigrid Jusélius Foundation		1989-1992 	1996-2008
*Human Frontiers Science Program (with Paul Sharpe & J.V. Ruch)		1995-1998
*Center of Excellence grant (Dev.Biol.Program), University of Helsinki		1997-2001
*National Institutes of Health, NIDCR (with R.D´Souza)			1999-2003
*Center of Excellence funding, Academy of Finland			2002-2007
*Sigrid Juselius Foundation, major 5-year grant			2008-2013
__Scientific expert functions__
*Supervisor of doctoral thesis works:  19 times
*Opponent of doctoral thesis works: 13 times	
*External reviewer for:
 **professor : 9 times
  **promotion to professorship: 25 times
  **doctoral thesis: 23 times
*Member of International Scientific Advisory Board: 6
*Member of International Scientific Evaluation Committees: 12
*Reviewer of grant applications: 22 international organizations   
*Member of the Editorial Board: 12 international scientific journals	
*Referee: for over 30 international scientific journals 
__Participation in Scientific Meetings__
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Invited lectures in 125 international conferences.\\                               	
61 seminars in foreign universities/research institutions.