!!Gabor Tamas - Curriculum vitae
*2005 D. Sc. in Biological Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary (100 %, No. 4504)
*1993-1997 Ph. D. in Neurobiology, Attila József University, Faculty of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary (100 %, No. 36/1997)
*1988-1993 M. Sc. in Biology, Attila József University, Faculty of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary (Summa cum Laude with Honours; No. 187/1993)
*2009- Executive Committee Member, Hungarian Neuroscience Society
*2007 Program Committee Member, FENS Geneva 2008 Forum of European Neuroscience
*2007- Associate Editor, Frontiers in Neural Circuits
*2005- Member, Nomenclature Committee on Cortical Interneurons
*2011- Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France
*2006- Nature
*2006- Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, Hungary
*2005- Medical Research Council, UK
*2004- Journal of Neuroscience
*2003- Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy
*2002- Journal of Physiology (London)
*2002- Neuron
*2000- Science
*2000- Wellcome Trust, UK
*2000- National Science Foundation, USA
*1999- Journal of Neuroscience Methods
*1998- Cerebral Cortex
*2009, 2010 FENS-Hertie Winter School, Obergurgl, Austria
*2007, 2009 Postgraduate course at the Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
*2001 Federation of European Neuroscience Societies Winter School, Kitzbühel, Austria
__Important talks__
*2010 Signal Processing Mechanisms of Cortical Neurons, Kanucha, Japan
*2009 Berlin Brain Days, Berlin, Germany
*2009 Cortical Interneurons in Health and Disease, EMBO, Mallorca, Spain
*2009 Computations in Neocortical Circuits, HHMI Janelia Farm, USA
*2008 What do interneurons compute? Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Toronto, Canada
*2008 Neuronal circuits: From structure to function, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA
*2007 The Assembly and Function of Neuronal Circuits, EMBO Conference Series, Ascona, Switzerland
*2007 Gordon RC: Inhibition in the CNS, Waterville, USA
*2007 From Molacules to Circuits, Cambridge, UK
*2006 Gordon RC: Mechanisms of Epilepsy and Neural Synchronization, Waterville, USA
*2006 Japan Neuroscience Meeting, Kyoto, Japan
*2006 Cajal Centenary Conference, Barcelona, Spain
*2004 Eberhard Buhl Memorial Symposium, Leeds, UK
*2003 Neural Circuits: Principles of Design and Operation, Cold Spring Harbor, USA
*2002 Cajal Club, Annual Meeting of the American Association of Anatomists, New Orleans, USA
*2000 GABA 2000 Conference, Cairns, Australia
__Ph.D. Students__
\\ \\
Andrea Lirincz, Senior postdoc, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest
Janos Szabadics, Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Scholar,
Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest
Anna Simon, Senior Postdoc, University of Glasgow
Szabolcs Oláh, EMBO and Marie Curie Scholar, EPFL Lausanne