!!Sauro Succi - Publications
Dr Succi has published nearly 350 papers in ISI journals, with over 8000 ISI-citations (h=45) \\
and over 16000 Google Scholar citations (h=54), as of October 2015.\\
His book, the Lattice Boltzmann Equation (3500+ Google Scholar citations) still serves as a classical \\
reference in the field after 15 years since publication\\
Below, we list selected contributions which we regard as most responsible for Dr Succi's scientific reputation. \\
__Selected publications:__\\
1. F. Higuera, S.Succi and R. Benzi, EPL 9, 345, 1989: \\
Following the earliest LB simulation, F. Higuera and S. Succi, EPL 8, 517, 1989, this paper presents\\
the first top-down LB formulation, completely free from Lattice Gas limitations. \\
The top-down approach has proven extremely influential for most developments of the field to this date.\\
Listed in the top-40 most cited EPL papers ever, (see [http://herald.iop.org/epl_highlycited/m86/hxp//link/1978]).\\
2. S. Succi, D. Foti and F. Higuera, EPL 10, 433, 1989:\\
First application of LB method to flow in porous media, one of the major LB applications to date.  \\
3. R. Benzi, S. Succi and M. Vergassola, Phys. Rep. 222, 145, 1992:\\
The earliest review on the LB method, with many original ideas still useful to this day.\\
Still serves as a classical reference in the field (nearly 1000 ISI cites as of Jan 2015). \\
4. S. Succi and R. Benzi, Physica D 69, 327, 1993:\\
The first LB formulation for quantum mechanics.  \\
It's enjoying revived interest as the earliest quantum walk amenable to quantum computing implementations.  \\
5. S. Succi, PRL 89, 064502, 2001:\\
One of the earliest formulation of boundary conditions for non-hydrodynamic flows, in a time where the common \\
tenet was that LB cannot be applied beyond hydrodynamics (slip flow).\\
6. H. Chen et al, Science 301, 633, 2003:\\
The kinetic approach to fluid turbulence; this approach  is part of the hard-core technology of the \\
LB commercial software POWERFLOW, a leading CFD package for external aerodynamic design (see EXA Corporation) \\
7. M. Sbragaglia, R. Benzi, L. Biferale and S. Succi, PRE  75, 026702,  2007\\
Generalized lattice Boltzmann method with multirange pseudopotential, very useful for\\
for complex fluids and soft matter applications. \\
8. M. Bernaschi et al, Comp. Phys. Comm. 180, 1495, 2009:\\
The multiscale formulation for complex flows which led to the multiscale hemodynamic code MUPHY.\\
This code made it twice to the Gordon Bell Award final, the major supercomputing contest worldwide. \\
9. M. Mendoza, H.J. Herrmann, S. Succi, PRL 105, 014502, 2010\\
The first LB formulation of relativistic hydrodynamics. It has raised considerable interest especially in the\\
hep and nuclear physics community for the numerical simulation of quark-gluon plasmas \\
10. S. Tampi et al, J. Comp. Phys. 234, 1, 2013\\
During his residence in Bangalore as a Raman Professor, S. Succi suggested to his young indian collaborators\\
that the discrete velocity stencils used in LB simulations could have used to produce more accurate\\
discrete realizations of general differential operators. \\
This work may impact on  a broad range of computational physics applications.