!!Stanislav Smirnov - Curriculum Vitae
*Ph.D., M.S., Mathematics September 1992 – June 1996\\
*California Institute of Technology Advisor: Prof. N. Makarov\\
*B.Sc., M.Sc., Mathematics (with honors) September 1987 – August 1992\\
*St.-Petersburg State University Advisor: Prof. V. Havin\\
*StatPhys25 International Congress, Seoul, South Korea (plenary) 2013-07\\
*Kolmogorov Lecture, World Congress in Probability and Statistics, Istanbul 2012-07\\
*Thomas Wolff lectures, Caltech, USA 2011-11\\
*A. L. Clark lecture, University of Texas, Dallas 2011-04\\
*Rollo Davidson lecture, Cambridge 2010-05\\
*International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Prague, Czech Republic 2009-08\\
*Stochastic Processes and Their Applications 33, Berlin, Germany (plenary) 2009-07\\
*1st PRIMA Congress, Sydney, Australia (plenary) 2009-07\\
*Plucker Lectures, Bonn, Germany 2008-11\\
*British Mathematical Colloquium, York, UK (plenary) 2008-03\\
*De Giorgi Colloquium, Pisa, Italy 2007-04\\
*International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid, Spain 2006-08\\
*XXth Nevanlinna Colloquium, Lausanne, Switzerland (plenary) 2005-08\\
*European Congress of Mathematics, Stockholm, Sweden 2004-06\\
*International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Lisbon, Portugal (plenary) 2003-07\\
*International Congress in Theoretical Physics, Paris, France 2002-07\\
*International Congress on Dynamical Systems, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2000-07\\
*Workshop “2D statistical physics,” Les Diablerets, February 2013.\\
*“St.Petersburg School in Probability & Statistical Physics,” 200 participants, June 2012.\\
*“Random Processes, CFT and Integrable Systems,” St.Petersburg-Moscow, Sept. 2011.\\
*“Conformal maps, probability and physics,” Ascona, May 2010.\\
*2D lattice models, Les Diablerets, February 2010.\\
*Borel seminar in probability, Les Diablerets, September 2009.\\
*“Dynamical Trends in Analysis,” Stockholm, May 2009.\\
*“Mathematical Physics: from 20 to 21’st Centuries,” Lausanne, March 2009.\\
*Workshop “Random Planar Geometry,” Les Diablerets, February 2009.\\
*Oberwolfach seminar “Conformal Invariance inMathematical Physics,” November 2007.\\
*“de Rham Day,” Lausanne, March 2007.\\
*School “Mathematical Physics,” Les Diablerets, March 2006.\\
*“Perspectives in Analysis,” Stockholm, May 2003.\\
*School “Combinatorics, Dynamics, Probabilities,” Stockholm, October 2000.
*A. Glazman and M. Khristoforov (current); K. Izyurov, defended 12-2011 at Geneva\\
*University (now researcher at Helsinki University); H. Duminil-Copin, defended 11-2011 at Geneva University (now assistant professor at Geneva University, received 2012 Rollo Davidson prize); C. Hongler, defended 06-2010 at Geneva University (now Ritt assistant professor at Columbia University); A. Kemppainen, defended 10-2009 at Helsinki University (now researcher at Helsinki University); D. Beliaev, defended 02-2005 at KTH Stockholm (now tenured lecturer at Oxford University).