!!Folke Sjöqvist - Curriculum vitae
[Obituary|https://news.ki.se/in-memory-of-the-late-professor-emeritus-folke-sjoqvist], Karolinska Insitutet\\
[Obituary|https://www.eacpt.eu/professor-folke-sjoqvist-peacefully-passed-away-on-march-30th-2020], EACPT\\
[Obituary|https://medicinskaforeningen.se/en/folke-sjoqvist-honorary-member-and-former-inspector-has-died], Medicinska Föreningen
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!Curriculum vitae

__Academic background__
*1959 Swedish MD (license to practice medicine).
*1962 Swedish PhD in basic pharmacology, both at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
*1958-1963 (periodically) training in clinical medicine, mainly in internal medicine and primary health care.
*1962-1963 Acting associate professor in basic pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet and consultant in clinical pharmacology to the Royal Swedish Medical Board of Health.
*1963-1965 Training in clinical pharmacology in USA at the National Heart Institute, NIH, Bethesda and Dept. of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore.
*1970 Nominated for the first chair in clinical pharmacology in Scandinavia.
__Positions in Sweden__
*1970-1999 Professor and head physician in clinical pharmacology at the University of Linköping (1970-1972) and the Karolinska Institutet (1972-1999).
*1972-1999 Member of the Nobel Assembly and Nobel Committee in Medicine. Member of the Swedish Drug Board, chairman of the Swedish Committee on Adverse Drug Reactions.
*1980-1987 Member of the board of Karolinska Institutet. Chairman of the curriculum committee for medical students, Karolinska Institutet.
*1987-1997 Chief physician/research director at Huddinge University Hospital.
*1997 Professor emeritus in clinical pharmacology at Karolinska Institutet.
__International positions__
*1979-1980 Special assistant to the director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Bethesda, USA.
*1982-2006 Honorary doctor degrees at Universities in France, Finland, Estonia, England, and Denmark.
*1993-1999 Director, WHO Collaborating Center on Drug Utilization, Research and Clinical Pharmacological Services, Huddinge University Hospital. Expert to WHO, Geneva in clinical pharmacology.
*1995-2000 Chairman European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT).
*2010 Chairman of the scientific liaison group between IUPHAR and WHO.