!!!Yakov G. Sinai
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__Present and Previous Positions__
*Since 1993 Professor, Department of Mathematics, Princeton University
*1971 - 1993 Professor, Moscow State University (part of position)
*since 1971 Senior Researcher, Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics, Academy of Sciences of Russia
*1960 - 1971 Scientific Researcher, Laboratory of Probabilistic & Statistical Methods, Moscow State University
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*2014 [Abel Prize|rnoti-p628.pdf]
*2013 [AMS Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement|rnoti-p480.pdf]
*2010 Honorary degree from Warwick University, England
*2009 Polish Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member
*2009 Henri Poincar´e Prize given by the International Association of Mathematical Physics
*2009 Foreign Member of the Royal Society of London
*2009 Dobrushin International Prize given by the Institute of Information Transmission, Russian Academy of Sciences
*2008 Member of the Academia Europaea
*2008 Lagrange Prize, given by ISI Institute, Torino, Italy
*2007 Kolmogorov Lecture and Medal, University of London
*2006 Galileo Chair, Pisa, Italy
*2005 Moore Distinguished Scholar, October, November, December 2005, California, Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California
*2005 Honorary degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem
*2002 Nemmers Prize in Mathematics
*2002 Honorary degree from Budapest University of Science and Technology
*2001 The Chairman of the Fields Medal Committee of IMU
*2001 Moser Prize given by SIAM
*2000 Foreign Member of the Brazilean Academy of Sciences
*2000 Brazilean Award of Merits in Sciences
*1999 Foreign Associate of the National Academy of U.S.A.
*1997-1998 Thomas Jones Professor of Princeton University
*1997 Wolf Prize in Mathematics
*1993 Foreign Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
*1993 Doctor Honoris Causa of Warsaw University
*1992 Honorary Member, London Mathematical Society
*1992 Dirac Medal given by ICPT in Trieste
*1991 Member of Russian Academy of Sciences
*1990 Markov Prize given by the Russian Academy of Sciences
*1989 Heineman Prize given by the American Physical Society
*1986 Boltzman Gold Medal given by IUPAP
*1983 Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts & Science
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