!!Nathan Sharon - List of publications

Over 400 scientific publications, including review articles (e.g., 3 in Annu. Rev. Biochem., 3 in Science, 5 in Scient. American, etc.) Seven of the publications have been selected as Citation Classics. Listed among 1000 most cited scientists 1965-1978 (Current Contents, Oct. 12, 1990) and ranked 260th among "Citation Superstars 1973-1984" (The Scientist, July 6, 1990)
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Three in Hebrew on popular science; also: Complex Carbohydrates, Their Chemistry, Biosynthesis and Functions, Addison Wesley Publishing Co. 1975, (Japanese translation by T. Osawa, Tokyo University Press, 1977); Biotechnological Applications of Proteins and Enzymes (ed. with Z. Bohak), Acad. Press, NY, 1977; The Lectins: Properties, Functions and Applications in Biology and Medicine (ed. with I.E. Liener and I.J. Goldstein), Academic Press, NY.,1986. "Lectins" (with H. Lis), Chapman & Hall, London, 1989. (Japanese translation by T. Osawa and Y. Konami, 1990). Second edn. Kluwer 2003 (Japanese translation in preparation).
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