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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2010 - today Scientific Director, Chairman of the Management Board in Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe 
*2009 - 2010    Leader of FAIR joint core team, Division Leader and Geschäftsführer of GSI
*2008 - 2009 Deputy Director for research at ITEP-Moscow
*2007 - today Co-Director of the FAIR Russia Research Centre in Moscow 
*2005 - 2008 Director of ITEP-Moscow
*2005 - today  Full Professor at State University - MEPhI
*1997 - 2005 Professor at Moscow Phys.-Technical Inst. (Technical University)
*1999 - 2001 Guest scientist at RIKEN Japan, studies of the of intense heavy ion beams injection line for RIKEN (T.Katayama) 
*1998 - 2009 Project Leader of the ITEP-TWAC heavy ion synchrotron accelerator-accumulator complex
*1997 - 2001 Leader of ITEP – IPN collaboration on heavy ion beam-plasma interaction experiments on tandem accelerator
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Experimental plasma physics
*Physics of beam-plasma interaction
*Laser produced plasmas
*Generation of highly ionized ions in plasmas
*Particle accelerators
*Beam dynamics
*Generation if high phase space density ion beams
*Inertial confinement fusion
*Applications of high intensity ion accelerators to fusion energy
__Honours and Awards__
*1989 Member of  Nuclear Society of Russia (Soviet Union)
*Winner of Presidential Stipendium for outstanding scientists of Russia 2001, 2003
*2005 European Physical Society Board Member of Plasma Physics Division
*2006 Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences
*Winner of Presidential award for leaders of outstanding scientific schools of Russia 2006, 2008 
*2008 Winner of Veksler Prize of  Russian Academy of Sciences
*2008 FInsP Fellow at IOP, London
*2010 Kurchatov medal of Rosatom
*2010 Laureate of States Prize of Russian Government
*2014 Honorary doctor from JINR

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