!!Naomi Segal - Partial List of Publications
Consensuality: Didier Anzieu, gender and the sense of touch (Rodopi Pr., 2009)\\
Andre Gide: Pederasty and Pedagogy (Oxford UP, 1998)\\
The Adulteress's Child, authorship and desire in the 19th century novel  (Polity Pr, 1992)\\
Narcissus and Echo. Women in French récit (Manchester UP, 1988)\\
The Unintended reader: feminism and Manon Lescaut (Cambridge UP, 1986, 2010)\\
The Banal Object: theme and thematics in Proust, Rilke, Hofmannsthal and Sartre (Inst of Germanic Studies, 1981)\\
Ed. Vicissitudes: Histories & destinies of psychoanalysis (IGRS books, 2013)\\
Ed. 'When familiar meanings dissolve...': Essays in French studies in memory of Malcolm Bowie (Peter Lang, 2011)\\
Ed. Indeterminate Bodies (Palgrave, 2003)\\
Ed. Le désir a l'oeuvre, Andre Gide à Cambridge 1918, 1998 (Rodopi Pr, 2001)\\
Ed. Coming Out of Feminism? (Blackwell, 1998)\\
Ed. Scarlet Letters: Fictions of Adultery from Antiquity to the 1990s (Macmillan, 1997)\\
Ed. Freud in Exile: Psychoanalysis and its Vicissitudes (Yale UP, 1988)\\
Also 75 articles/chapters - 19 since 2008\\
and 123 invited papers delivered - 49 since 2008.\\
Many reviews etc