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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2010 Directeur de Rercherche classe exceptionelle (CNRS)
*2003 Scientific director of a CNRS research unit (URA2581) at the Institute Pasteur composed for parasitology laboratories 
*2002 Head of a malaria research unit at the Institute Pasteur
*1992-2001 Parasitology group leader at the Institute Pasteur
*1989 Integration into the CNRS as Charge de Recherche 
*1987-1989 Post doc at the Institut Pasteur under the direction of Pereira da Silva
*1984-1987 PhD at the University of Cologne under the direction of Prof. Benno Müller-Hill
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Molecular parasitology
* Antigenic variation
* Nuclear biology
* Telomere biology
__Honours and Awards__
*2001 Siver medal of the CNRS 
*2004-2006 Organization of two weeks student parasitology courses at the Marine Biology Laboratories, Woods Hole USA
*2004-2009 Co-Chair of BioMalPar conference, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
*2004-2009 Scientific Director of a Malaria FP6 sponsored network of exellence 'BioMalPar'
*2005-2009 external SAB of European Malaria Vaccine Initiative (EMVI), Copenhagen, Denmark
*2006 Embo member 
*2006 Professeur at the Institut Pasteur 
*2006 Parasitology Editor of Cellular Microbiology 
*2007-2011 Associate Editor for PLoS Pathogen 
*2008-2010 Co-Chair of the Gordon Research Conference  Host Parasite Interactions
*2008-2012 Member of the the CNRS National Committee 
*2008 external SAB of Institute of Molecular  Biology  and Biotechnology Crete, Greece
*2010-2012 Co-Chair of Molecular Parasitology Meeting Woods Hole, USA
*2010 ERC ‘advanced grant’ 
*2011-2012 external SAB of Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology, Univ. Glasgow, Scotland
*2012 Scientific Director of a French LabEx on Parasitology

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