!!Walter Schachermayer - Curriculum Vitae              \\
__Practical Work:__ 
\\ \\
Employee at Fa. Schachermayer, Linz (1968/69); actuary at Generali, Life Insurance A.G., Vienna (1982/83).\\
__University Studies:__
*Business Administration (Betriebswirtschaft), Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (1969/73).\\
*Computer Science (Rechentechnik), Vienna University of Technology (1969/71).\\
*Mathematics, Vienna University (1970/76).\\
*Mathematics, Université Paris VI (scholarship of the French government; supervisors L. Schwartz and P. Krée) (1974/75).\\
*Geprüfter Rechentechniker, TU Vienna, (1971).\\
*Master of business administration, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (1973).\\
*Doctorate in mathematics, Vienna University, (1976).\\
__Selected visiting positions:__
*1985: Vienna University (Gastdozent).\\
*1986: Visiting Professor at University of Austin, Texas.\\
*1994: Todai University, Tokyo (endowed visiting chair).\\
*2002/05: Visiting Professor at Université Paris Dauphine (chaire européenne).\\
*2015/16: Senior Fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Studies, ETH Zürich.\\
__Selected Presentations:__
*Invited Lecture, Section on Mathematical Finance at the 3rd World Congress of the Bernoulli Society, Chapel Hill (1994)\\
*Public Urania Lecture at the World Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin (1998)\\
*Corso Cattedra Galileana at Scuola Normale in Pisa (2001)\\
*Plenary Lecture at the 2nd World Congress of the Bachelier Finance Society, Crete (2002)\\
*Plenary Lecture at the International Congress on the Applications of Mathematics, Chile (2006)\\
*Plenary Lecture at the International Symposium Mathematics for the 21st Century, Madrid (2006)\\
*Opening Lecture at the Jahrestagung der DMV, Berlin (2007)\\
*Plenary Lecture at the 4th General Meeting of the French Applied Math. Society, Praz sur Arly (2007)\\
*Nash Lecture, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (2010)\\
*Gauss Lecture of the DMV, Frankfurt (2010)\\
*ITS Science Kolloquium, ETH Zürich (2016)\\
*Plenary Lecture at the 12th German Probability and Statistics Days, Bochum (2016)\\
Full CV and list of publications, see: [http://www.mat.univie.ac.at/~schachermayer]