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__Present and Previous Positions__
*Since fall 2004: Guest professor at University of Innsbruck, Austria
*Fall 2004: Retired
*Fall 1985-2004: Full professor at the University of Kiel
*Since spring 1985: guest professor at Tongji University, Shanghai
*1970: Lecturer ("Dozent"), since 1973: Associate professor, University of Kiel
*1966-1970:   Research associate with Prof. E. Seibold, University of Kiel
*1963-1965:   Assistant professor, University of Innsbruck
*1963: Ph.D. (geology, geophysics) at University of Innsbruck, Austria
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Marine paleoclimate research (Quaternary and Neogene)
*Radiocarbon chronology
*Stable isotope stratigraphy
*Changes in ocean meridional overturning circulation
*Tracers of ocean nutrients and paleoproductivity
*Ocean tracers of continental aridity
*Global change
__Honours and Awards__
*1975: DFG scholarship for one-year visit to Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory (LDGO), New York
*1976: CLIMAP scholarship for two-months visit at LDGO, New York
*1986/1987: DFG scholarship for half-year visit to University of Rhode Island (GSO), LDGO, New York, and the University of Cambridge, England
*Dec. 1988: LEIBNIZ Award of the DFG (1.5 Million DM)
*May 1990: Fellow of the Academia Europaea (London)
*Sep. 1990: Corresponding Member of the Geologische Bundesanstalt Vienna, Austria
*July 1994: Fellow of the German National Academy of Science in Halle ("Leopoldina")
*May 1995: Corresponding Fellow of the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna
*May 1998: Honorary Professor at Tongji University, Shanghai
*July 1999:  M├Ędaille Albert Ier, Prix Manley Bendall, Paris / Monte Carlo
*April 2000: Honory Fellow of the Austrian Geological Society
*April 2001: Honorary Fellow of the European Union of Geosciences, Strassburg
*April 2005: Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
*April 2006: Shephard medal of SEPM
*April  2006: Milankovitch medal of the European Geosciences Union
*Sept. 2009: Gustav Steinmann medal of the Geologische Vereinigung
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