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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2017-02/2018-02 Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar, Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland, USA
*2010-08/2011-01 Visiting Research Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China
*2002 - onwards Full Professor of Physics, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain
*May 2016 - onwards Professor, Department of Applied Informatics, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania
*1997 - 2002 Associate Professor of Physics, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain
*1986 - 1997 Associate, Assistant and Lecturer of Physics, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
*1995 - 07/1996-09 Visiting Research Associate, Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland, USA 
*1984 - 01/1984-03  Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter,  Institut für Dynamischen Systemen, Universität Bremen, Germany
*1984 - 1986 Predoctoral Researcher, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid, Spain
*1982 - 1984 Teaching Assistant, Universidad de Valladolid
__Fields of Scholarship__
* Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in dynamical systems
* Control of chaos 
* Chaotic dynamics of nonlinear oscillators
* Modelling and physics of cancer
* Nonlinear resonances: vibrational resonance and stochastic resonance
* Dynamical systems with delay
* Map-based neuron models
* Fractal structures in nonlinear dynamics: fractal basins, Wada basins, basin entropy
* Chaotic scattering in Hamiltonian Systems
* Dynamical modelling in biology: ecology, neurodynamics
__Honours and Awards__
*2017 Fulbright Visiting Scholar , University of Maryland at College Park, USA
*2016 Guest Honorary Professor, Zigong University of Science and Technology, Zigong, China
*2016 Research Excellence Award in category of Sciences, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain
*2015 Corresponding Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences, section Physics and Chemistry, Madrid, Spain
*2012 - 2015 Guest Professor in the Institute of Computational Physics and Complex Systems of Lanzhou University, China
*2011 Diploma for the continuity in the activities of the Blog Complexity, Government of Madrid. 
*2008 Foreign Member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (Physics and Mechanical Engineering), Vilnius, Lithuania
*1982 Outstanding Graduation Honor, Universidad de Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain

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