!!!Arto Salomaa - Curricum Vitae
__Basic data __
\\ \\
Born in Turku, Finland, June 6, 1934\\ 
Married since 1959\\ 
Children: Kai (b. 1960), Kirsti (b. 1961)\\ 
Grandchildren: Suvi (b. 1987), Juhani (b. 1989), Daniel (b. 1991)\\
Great  grandchildren:  Joona  (b.  2014), Lumi (b. 2017)
\\ \\
*Elementary, high school and beginning university studies in Turku. MA, University of Turku, 1954\\ 
*Graduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, 1956-57\\
*Ph. Lic., University of Helsinki, 1959\\ 
*Ph. D., University of Turku, 1960\\ 
__Positions held in Finland__
*Assistant, instructor and docent, University of Turku, 1957—65\\
*Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Oulu, 1965\\
*Professor of Mathematics, University of Turku, 1966—1998\\ 
*Research Professor at the Academy of Finland, 1975—1980\\ 
*Research Professor at the Academy of Finland, 1989—1994\\
*Academy Professor at the Academy of Finland, 1995—1999
__Visiting positions__
*Visiting Professor of Computer Science, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, 1966—68\\
*Visiting Professor of Computer Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 1973—75\\
*Visiting Professor of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1981—82\\
*Shorter visits to 150 universities in Europe, North America and Asia
__Invited lectures and lecture series at the following scientific conferences, work shops and summer schools __
*International Colloquium on Modal and Many-Valued Logic, Helsinki, 1962. 
*CSA Research Seminar on Computer Science, University of Toronto, 1967. 
*Second Annual Princeton Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, 1968. 
*First Scandinavian Logic Symposium, Turku, 1968. 
*Work shop and summer school in formal language theory, University of Western Ontario, 1971. 
*Winter school in unusual automata theory, University of Aarhus, 1972. 
*Oberwolfach Conference in Formal Languages, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975. 
*Colloquium on Parallel Rewriting Systems. McMaster University, 1973. 
*Third Scandinavian Logic Symposium, Uppsala, 1973. 
*1. Fachtagung Automatentheorie und Formale Sprachen, Bonn, 1973. 
*Algebraic Automata Theory, University of Szeged, 1973. 
*Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, High Tatras 1973, Marianske Lazne 1975, Gdansk 1976, Olomouc 1979. 
*Winter school in L systems, University of Aarhus, 1974. 
*Fachtagung Automatentheorie, University of Dortmund, 1974. 
*Biologically Motivated Automata Theory, MITRE Corporation, Virginia, 1974. 
*Second ICALP Conference, Saarbrücken, 1974. 
*Formal Languages, Automata and Development, Noordwijkerhout, 1975. 
*Formal Languages and Programming, Madrid, 1975. 
*Second Advanced Course on the Foundations of Computer Science, University of Amsterdam, 1976. 
*500-Year Festival Symposium "Philosophy and Grammar", Uppsala University, 1977. 
*Advanced Unesco summer school on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, University of Turku, 1977. 
*Work shop on Automata Theory, Nanyang University, Singapore, 1977. 
*Fourth IBM Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Oiso, Japan, 1979. 
*International Conference on Formal Language Theory, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1979. 
*Seventh ICALP Conference, Noordwijkerhout, 1980. 
*18th Scandinavian Congress of Mathematicians, Aarhus, 1980. 
*International Conference on Combinatorics of Words, Waterloo, 1982. 
*American Mathematical Society Summer Meeting, Toronto, 1982. 
*International Conference on Algebra, Combinatorics and Logic in Computer Science, Györ, 1983. 
*19th Scandinavian Congress of Mathematicians, Reykjavik, 1984. 
*International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science, Györ 1985. 
*Oberwolfach Conference in Semigroup Theory, 1986. 
*Latvian Computer Science Conference, Riga, 1987. 
*IIG Festival Conference, Graz, 1988. 
*5th International Meeting of Young Computer Scientists, Smolenice, 1988. 
*XII Österreichischer Mathematikerkongress, Wien, 1989. 
*300-Year Festival Congress of the Hamburg Mathematical Association, 1990. 
*Festival Congress "New Trends and Results in Computer Science", Graz 1991. 
*Conference of the Austrian and German Mathematical Associations, Wien 1992. 
*Conference "Salodays in Formal Languages", Bucharest 1992. 
*Festival conference in formal languages, Magdeburg 1992. 
*9th International Conference "Automata, Formal Languages", Salgotarjan 1993. 
*FCT-93, Szeged 1993. 
*MFCS-93, Gdansk 1993. 
*Conference "Salodays in Auckland", Auckland 1994. 
*Conference "Artificial life, grammatical models", Mangalia 1994. 
*75th Anniversary Festival Congress, University of Latvia 1994. 
*"Theoretical Computer Science", Leiden 1995. 
*"Theory of Computing", Iasi 1995. 
*Academia Europaea Festival Conference SMC/AE, Amsterdam 1996. 
*International Mathematica Symposium, IMS'97, Rovaniemi. 
*Unconventional Models of Computing, Auckland 1998. 
*Natural Computing, Leiden 1998. 
*Seminar of the European Molecular Computing Consortium, Leiden 1999. 
*"Recent Trends in Discrete Mathematics", Budapest 1999. 
*ICALP--99, Prague. 
*FCT--99, Iasi. 
*Half Century of Automata Theory, London, 2000. 
*Automata and Formal Languages, Szeged, 2001. 
*Graph Transformation and DNA Computing, Berlin, 2002. 
*COCOON'02, Singapore, 2002. 
*From Theory to Practice, Pre-COCOON, Singapore, 2002. 
*Doctoral School in Formal Languages, Tarragona, 2003. 
*EMCC Conference, Turku, 2003. 
__Editor of the following scientific journals from the year mentioned __
*Journal of Symbolic Logic 1968—1984 
*Information and Control 1972-  (New name: Information and Computation) 
*Acta Informatica 1973-
*Theoretical Computer Science 1975- 
*Elektronische Informationsverarbeitung und Kybernetik 1975--1996 (New name: Journal of Information Processing and Cybernetics)
*Discrete Applied Mathematics 1978-
*Fundamenta Informaticae 1980-
*Acta Cybernetica 1988-
*Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Beijing, 1988- 
*Journal of Universal Computer Science 1994-
*Grammars 1996-
*International Journal for the Foundations of Computer Science (managing editor) 1998--
*Mathematica Japonica (honorary editor) 1998- 
__Supervisor of the following Ph.D. students. After the name, the year of getting Ph.D. is indicated __
\\ \\
Neil Jones 1967\\
Paavo Turakainen 1968 
\\Magnus Steinby 1969
\\Topi Urponen 1971 
\\Andrew Szilard 1974 
\\Martti Penttonen 1974 
\\Sven Skyum 1974 
\\Matti Linna 1975 
\\Matti Soittola 1976 
\\Keijo Ruohonen 1976 
\\Mogens Nielsen 1976 
\\Juhani Karhumaki 1976 
\\Raija Leipala 1979 
\\Tero Harju 1979 
\\Juha Honkala 1988 
\\Valtteri Niemi 1989 
\\Jarkko Kari 1990 
\\Lila Kari 1991 
\\Jukka Koskinen 1994 
\\Ari Renvall 1994 
\\Marjo Lipponen 1996 
\\Cunsheng Ding 1997 
\\Valeria Mihalache 1998 
\\Lucian Ilie 1998 

\\In addition, the external examiner (or ``official opponent" in Europe) of a number of Ph.D. candidates. In 1983, such occasions took place in Leiden, Antwerp and Darmstadt, and in 1984 in Antwerp, and again in 1986, 1987 and 1995 in Leiden. Official opponent at several Finnish universities, most recently in Turku 1989 and in Lappeenranta 1994.
\\ \\
__Miscellaneous scientific activities __
\\ \\
''Regular reviewer for the following journals:''
*Zentralblatt für Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete 1962- 
*Journal of Symbolic Logic 1968- 
*Mathematical Reviews 1968-
*Computing Reviews 1970- 
''Program committee member for the following conferences: ''
*First ICALP Conference, Paris, 1972. 
*Second ICALP Conference, Saarbrücken, 1974. 
*Biologically Motivated Automata Theory, MITRE, Virginia, 1974. 
*Automata, Languages, Development, Noordwijkerhout, 1975. 
*Uniformly Structured Automata and Logic, Tokyo, 1975. 
*Third ICALP, Edinburgh, 1976. 
*Fourth ICALP, Turku, 1977 (chairman of the program committee). 
*Theoretical Computer Science, University of Waterloo, 1977. 
*International Congress of Mathematicians, Helsinki, 1978. 
*Sixth ICALP, Graz, 1979. 
*Seventh ICALP, Noordwijkerhout, 1980. 
*Eighth ICALP, Haifa, 1981. 
*ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC), Milwaukee, 1981. 
*FCT, Szeged, 1981. 
*MFCS, High Tatras, 1981. 
*Ninth ICALP, Aarhus, 1982. 
*FCT, Linköping, 1983. 
*Eleventh ICALP, Antwerp, 1984. 
*Parallel Processing, Berlin, 1984. 
*Twelfth ICALP, Napflion, 1985. 
*FCT, Berlin, 1985. 
*International Congress of Mathematicians, Berkeley, 1986. 
*MFCS, Bratislava, 1986. 
*Parallel Processing (PARCELLA), Berlin, 1986. 
*FCT, Kazan, 1987. 
*MFCS, Prague, 1988. 
*Fifteenth ICALP, Tampere, 1988 (chairman). 
*Sixteenth ICALP, Stresa, 1989. 
*FCT, Szeged, 1989. 
*MFCS, Banska Bystrica, 1990. 
*Nineteenth ICALP, Wien, 1992. 
*MFCS, Praha, 1992. 
*Developments in Language Theory, Turku, 1993 (chairman). 
*MFCS, Kosice 1994. 
*Twenty-Second ICALP, Szeged, 1995. 
*Developments in Language Theory, Magdeburg, 1995. 
*Developments in Language Theory, Thessaloniki, 1997. 
*Machines et Calculs Universels, MCU'98, Metz. 
*Eurocrypt-98, Helsinki. 
*ICALP-98, Aalborg. 
*Half Century of Automata Theory, London, 2000. 
*Universal Machines and Computations, MCU'01, Moldavia. 
*Developments in Language Theory, Wien, 2001. 
*COCOON'02, Singapore, 2002. 
*Developments in Language Theory, Szeged, 2003. 
*International Kalmar Symposium, Szeged, 2003. 
*Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS), London, 2004. 
*Universal Machines and Computations, MCU'04, St. Petersburg. 
*Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS), Como, 2005. 
*Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS), New Mexico, 2006. 
*FCT, Budapest, 2007. 
*Member of the Academy of Sciences of Finland 1970-- . 
*Member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences of Finland 1980-- . 
*Member of the Academia Europaea 1992-- . 
*Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1998-- . 
*Referee and member of numerous selection committees for professorships in mathematics and computer science, as well as of selection committees for inviting conference speakers and awarding prizes in computer science.
*Chairman of a 3-man IMU committee for choosing the winner of the first Nevanlinna prize. 
*Member of the Board of the Nevanlinna Institute 1987-- and organizer of the Institute's Thematic Year for Theoretical Computer Science 1988--1989. 
*Member of the international committee awarding the first Gödel prize 1993. \*Chairman of the committee (consisting of S. Cook, J. van Leeuwen, R. Karp, R. Milner, M. Rabin) for 1993--94.
*Member of the committee 1995. 
*Occasional referee of scientific journals other than those listed in point 5), as well as conferences other than those listed in point 7). 
*Editor of the series of books "EATCS Monographs in Theoretical Computer Science", Springer-Verlag 1983- . 
*Delivered the invited Kloosterman lectures in Leiden, May-June 1988. 
*Member of the international committee to evaluate research in computer science and related areas in mathematics in Norway 1992. 
*Member of the coordinating committees of MFCS-, FCT- and DLT-conferences. 
*Member of the European Molecular Computing Consortium, 1998-. 
*Member of the panel to evaluate four departments at the Helsinki University 1999. 
*Member of the international committee to evaluate research in computer science and related areas in mathematics in Norway 2002. 
__Administrative and organizational duties__ 
*Chairman of the Mathematics Department, University of Turku, 1971--73. 
*Member and chairman of various committees on curriculum-planning and graduate admission at the universities of Turku, Western Ontario, Aarhus and Waterloo. 
*Director of the summer program in theoretical computer science at the university of Western Ontario, 1971. 
*Director of the winter school in $L$ systems, University of Aarhus, 1974. 
*Director of the advanced Unesco summer school on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, University of Turku, 1977. 
*Member and chairman of the organizing committees for the Scandinavian Congress of Mathematicians, Turku 1976, Fourth ICALP Conference, Turku 1977, and the World Congress of Mathematicians, Helsinki 1978. 
*Council member of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS) 1973—
* President of EATCS 1979--1985. 
*Member and chairman of several committees chosen by EATCS and SIGACT. 
*Director of the research group “Data transmission and data security", Academy of Finland, 1989--91. 
*Director of the research group ``Mathematical structures in computer science", Academy of Finland, 1992--1998. 
*Chairman of the organizing committee for the conference ``Developments in Language Theory", Turku 1993. 
*Member and chairman of the planning committee for TUCS, Turku Centre for Computer Science 1993--94. 
*Chairman of the Board of TUCS 1994--1999. 
*Promoter of the Philosophical Faculties in the 75th Anniversary Festival Ceremonies of the University of Turku, May 1995. 
__Honorary degrees, special awards and distinctions __
*The yearly prize of Suomen Kulttuurirahasto (The Foundation for the Finnish Culture) 1986. 
*Ph. D. h.c. Åbo Akademi 1988. 
*Ph. D. h.c., University of Oulu 1989. 
*Doctor Rerum Naturalium h.c., University of Szeged, Hungary, 1989. 
*Magnus Ehrnrooth prize of the Societas Scientiarum Fennica, 1991. 
*Ph. D. h.c. in mathematics, University of Bucharest, Romania, 1992. 
*Doktor-Ingenieur Ehren halber (h.c.), TU Magdeburg, Germany, 1992. 
*Professor of the Year" in Finland, 1994. 
*Festival conference "Important Results and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science" on the occasion of 60th birthday, Graz, 1994. 
*Ph. D. h.c. in mathematics, State University of Latvia, Riga, 1994. 
*Listed among the top research leaders (top ten or top twelve) in Finland by the Academy of Finland and the University Council of Finland 1993--97. 
*The yearly prize of the Nokia Foundation, 1998. 
*Honorary Professor of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, 1999. 
*Doctor Honoris Causa, TU Graz, 1999. 
*Academician, One of the Twelve Fellows in the Academy of Finland, 2001. 
*Festival Colloquium "Formal Languages" on the occasion of 70th birthday, Turku, 2004. 
*EATCS Award, 2004. 
*Festival Colloquium "Information Processing - Modern Perspectives" on 75th birthday, Turku, 2009.
*"Arto Salomaa Auditorium" in Aarhus University (DAIMI), Denmark, 2011.
*Honorary DSc Degree, The University of Western Ontario, 2013.
*SALOMAA PRIZE  to  be  awarded  at DLT Cobferences  2018-
__The following books and journal issues have been dedicated to Arto Salomaa: __
*T. Järvi, M. Steinby, A. Tietäväinen (eds) Studies in Honour of Arto Kustaa Salomaa on the Occasion of His Fiftieth Birthday. Ann. Univ. Turkuensis, Ser. AI 186 (1984), 135 pp. 
*A. Atanasiu, C. Calude (eds) Salodays in Theoretical Computer Science. Romanian Academy, Hyperion XXI Press (1993), 182 pp. 
*C. Calude, M. Lennon, H. Maurer (eds) Salodays in Auckland Proceedings. The University of Auckland (1994), 109 pp. 
*J. Karhumäki, H. Maurer, G. Rozenberg (eds) Results and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 812 (1994), x+443 pp. 
*J. Karhumäki, A. Mateescu, G. Rozenberg (eds) Special Issue of Fundamenta Informaticae 38 (1999), 221 pp. 
*Cunsheng Ding (ed.) Special Issue on Cryptology of Information and Computation 151, 1--2 (1999), 172 pp. 
*Cunsheng Ding (ed.) Special Issue on Cryptography of Theoretical Computer Science (1999), 256 pp. 
*J. Karhumäki, H. Maurer, G. Paun, G. Rozenberg (eds) Jewels are Forever. Springer-Verlag (1999), xxx+379 pp. 
*J. Karhumäki, H. Maurer, G. Paun, G. Rozenberg (eds) Theory is Forever. Springer-Verlag (2004), x+283 pp. 
*J. Karhumäki, G. Rozenberg (eds) Insightful Theory, Special issue of Theoretical Computer Science 330, No. 1 (2005), 191 pp. 
*Radomir S. Stankovic, Jaakko T. Astola (eds.) On the Contributions of Arto Salomaa to Multiple-valued Logic, Tampere International Center for Signal Processing, TICSP Series 50 (2009), 353 pp. 
*J. Karhumäki, L. Kari, H. Maurer,  G. Paun, I.Petre, G. Rozenberg (eds) A Friendly Towering Figure of Theoretical Computer Science. Univ. of  Turku (2019), 118 pp.
*Jukka Paaakki, Aro Salomaa: Mathematician,Computer Scientist and Teacher. A Thematic Biography. Springer Verlag (2019), 300 pp.