!!Nils-Eric Sahlin - Curriculum Vitae

*2006- Chair of Medical Ethics at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University, since 2006. \\
*2011 - 2012 Wagner Fellow of Philosophy of Risk, Pittsburgh University, Pittsburgh\\
*Former Professor of theoretical philosophy in Lund University and Gothenburg University \\
*2001 - 2007 Research Council Researcher (Rådsforskare), in decision theory and philosophy of risk, funded by The Swedish Research Council \\
*Ph.D. in Philosophy 1984, Lund University. Dissertation Secondary Levels in Decision Making\\
*Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters History and Antiquities)\\
*2007 Vice Chairman of Region Skåne’s Ethical Board.
 2014- Chairman\\
*2007 Swedish National Council of Medical Ethics (SMER)\\
*2014 Chairman expert group Swedish Research Council\\
__Visiting Positions__
*University of Oregon (1983)\\
*1997-2001 Gothenburg\\
*1998-1999 Visiting Professor, Institute for future studies\\
*University of Oregon (2001)\\
*University of Texas Austin (2005)\\
*University of Pittsburgh (2011-2012)\\
*1997-2001 Gothenburg University\\
*2010 University of Geneva