!!Wojciech Rytter
!Short laudatio by Juhani Karhumäki

Wojciech Rytter has been over the last 20 years one of leading personalities
on text algorithms as witnessed by his several excellent books. He has educated several excellent theoretical computer scientists, such as Prof. A. Czumaj (Warwick), Prof. L. Gasieniec (Liverpool), Prof.
W. Plandowski (Warsaw).
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Wojciech Rytter has been one of the leading researchers in theoretical
computer science since 1980s. He started his career in automata theory,
but soon concentrated to different aspects of algorithms. He has always
been interested in applications as well,such as data compression.
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Wojciech Rytter has published well over 100 journal articles. Several of his
articles are highly cited in their domains, like two papers in distributive
systems with 43 and 64 citations, and one in algorithmics with 56 citations.
His books on text algorithms have attacted more than 290
and 100 citations in ISI web of sciences. His H-numbers are 13 and 31 according
to ISI and Google data bases, respectively.
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Wojciech Rytter has been a frequent member of program committees and a speaker
of leading theory conferences. This includes his plenary talks in ICALP
and MFCS meetings. Among the most fundamental scientific results of W.
Rytter are connected to data compression. It was his marvelous idea to
apply this to word equations - research completed by his student W. Plandowski
by giving a completely new and computationally overwhelming solution to
the classical Makanin's problem on satisfiability of word equations.
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