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Johannes van Rood passed away July 21, 2017.
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__Positions Held__
*2004 -  2008 Member of the Board of Directors of Allostem 
*1998 - ongoing Senior Consultant and Past President of the Europdonor Foundation
*1991 - ongoing Professor of Internal Medicine Leiden University - Emeritus	
*1987 - ongoing Supervisor for the Training of Immunology Postgraduate Students  
*1992 - ongoing Vice- Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Biomedical Primate Research Center  
*1986 - 1996 Guest Professor "Vrije Universiteit" Bruxelles 
*1976 - 1991 Chairman of the Department of Haematology, Leiden University Hospital
*1969 - 1991 Professor of Internal Medicine Leiden University	
*1965 - 1969 Lecturer in Internal Medicine Leiden University	
*1957-1991 Head of the Dep. of Immunohaematology, Leiden University Hospital	         		
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*2010 Start of the Jon J van Rood price by the European Blood and Marrow  Transplant Group
*2010 Start of the Jon van Rood Award by the European Federation of Immunogenetics 
*2010 Life Time achievement Award of the American Association of Bone Marrow Transplanation   
*2007 Honorary Member of the European Society of Organ Transplantation
*2006 Honorary Editor of Human Immunology 
*1997 Royal medal of the Dutch Red Cross 
*1993 Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A. 
*1992 Medawar Prize 
*1991 Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, London, UK 
*1991 Commander of the Order of  Oranje Nassau, the Netherlands 
*1991 Recipient of the Rose Payne Award 
*1991 Recipient of the Max Geldens Prize 
*1990 Recipient of the James Blundell Award of the British Blood Transfusion Society, London	
*1990 Recipient of the Amsterdam Prize for Medicine of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences 
*1989 Recipient of the E. Jung-Prize for Medicine, Hamburg 
*1989 Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London, UK 
*1985 Member of the Academia Europea 
*1985 Recipient of the Order of Knighthood of the Dutch Lion	
*1985 Recipient of the Artois-Baillet Latour Prize for the Benefit of Health, Brussels 
*1984 Recipient of the Franz-Oehlecker-Medaille of the German Society of  Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology
*1984 Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy for Medicine of  Belgium, Brussels, Belgium
*1980 Price of the Dutch Federation of Medical Research Societies 
*1980 Honorary Member of the Scandinavian Society of Immunology 
*1979 Honorary Member of the American Association of Immunologists 
*1978 Recipient of the Wolf Prize 
*1977 Recipient of the Karl Landsteiner Memorial Award 
*1977 Recipient of the Robert Koch Medaille	
*1973 Recipient of the Dutch Kidney Foundation Prize	
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