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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2011 Professor Emeritus of Political Economy - Catholic University of Milan
*Since 2009 Vice President Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei - President of the Class of Moral Sciences
*Since 1984 Director (founder) Director of Economia Politica – Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics by Il Mulino
*Since 2010 President of the Scientific Board Research Centre in Economic Analisi (CRANEC)
*1989-2010 Dean of the Faculty of Political Science -  Catholic University of Milan
*1976-2010 Full Professor of Political Economy, Catholic University, Milan
*1977-2010 Director (founder) Research Centre in Economic Analisi (CRANEC)
*1968-1975 Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bologna
*1976 Founder of the Institute of Economic Sciences, University of Bergamo
*1965-1968 Professor of Political Economy, University of Cagliari
*Past President "Italian Economists Society"
*Past President "Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere"
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Institutional and applied economics
**European Union and Italy
**Economic development
**North South East dynamics
**International economic relations;
*Economic theory
**Income distribution and interest rate
**Scarce natural resources
**Technological resources and rent
**Human resources and education
**History of economic thought in particular 18th and 19th century economists and contemporary Italian economists
*Subsiduarity, solidarity and development
**Economic development
__Honours and Awards__
*2002-2003 Member of the "Reflection Group on the Spiritual and Cultural Dimension of Europe" appointed by the European Commission
*2010-2011 Distinquished Academic Visitor, Queen's College, Cambridge - Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Financial Analysis, Judge Business School, Cambridge (UK). Academic duties in Italy prevented him to benefit of these appointments.
*Columnist for Sole 24 ore Journal
*Member Scientific Council of Edison and Balzan prize Foundation
*Representative of the economists at CNR (the National Research Council) for ten years 
*1995-2000 Member of the Committee for the “EIB Prize”
*2003 President of “Lezione Paolo Baffi di Moneta e Finanza” Scientific Committee (Banca d’Italia) 
*S.Vincent Prize for Economics
*International "Cortina Ulisse" Prize
*2000 Gold Medal awarded for "Benemeriti della Scienza e della Cultura" from the President of the Italian Republic 
*2011 “Ambrogino d’oro” Gold medal from the city of Milan.
*Recipient of 15 Scientificic Prizes

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