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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2019 - present Director, Minerva Center for “Aging, from Physical Materials to Human Tissues” 
*1985 - present Professor, Department of Chemical Physics,  Weizmann Institute of Science
*1989 - 2001 Dean, Faculty of Chemistry,  The Weizmann Institute of Science
*2004 - 2014 Director, Minerva Center for Nonlinear Physics
*1997 Visiting Professor, The Rockefeller University, August-October 
*1992 - 2006 Adjunct Professor, NORDITA, Copenhagen,   Denmark
*1991 03-08 Visiting Professor, NORDITA and Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
*1990 09 - 1991 03 Visiting Professor, The University of Chicago
*1987 07 - 1988 12  Head, Department of Chemical Physics, The Weizmann Institute of Science
*1984 - 1985  Visiting Professor, The University of Chicago
*1981 04-07  Visiting Professor, City College of the City University of New York
*1977 - 1979 Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of  Technology, 1977-1979
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*1995 The C.N Yang Visiting Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong 
* 1995 - 2000 UNESCO Professor in Science and Sustainable Development
*1998 The “Fiorino d’Oro”, the highest prize given by the Municipality of Florence for outstanding achievements in science, culture and human affairs 
*2000 The Raman Chair, a Professorship instituted by the Indian Academy of Sciences in honour of its founder, C.V. Raman, 
*2002 Fellow of the American Physical Society 
*2002 Fellow of the German National Academy of Natural Sciences Leopoldina 
*2002 “Euroattractor 2002”- a special prize given by the Polish Academy of Sciences for “Life achievements in Nonlinear Dynamics”, Warsaw 
*2004 Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK) 
*The Weizmann Prize 2005 (a tri-annual prize in the Exact Sciences given by the Mayor of Tel Aviv)
*Conferred knighthood by the President of the Italian Republic Mr. Giorgio Napolitano in the “Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity” at the highest grade of “Grande Ufficiale” (Great Officer), for ``Outstanding Scientific Achievements by an Italian citizen abroad”. June 2007
*2009 The Israel Prize for Physics
*2010 Elected Foreign Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
*2010 The European Research Council “Advanced” grant award (2.5 million dollars) 
*The Gauss Professorship for 2011 from the Goettingen Academy of Sciences, March 2011
*The 3’rd Moshinsky Memorial Lecture, UNAM, Mexico, November 2011
*Conferred PhD honoris causa, The University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil,  October 2012
*The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecturer at the Niels Bohr International Academy, August, 2013
* 2014 Conferred the Grand Star of the “Order of Scientific Merit” of the Federal Republic of Brazil for “Outstanding Scientific Achievements”
*2015 AIRBUS Professorship
*The “Chandrasekhar Lectures”, International Center for Theoretical Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore, India, April 2015
*2016 The first “Rita Levi-Montalcini Prize” for Scientific Cooperation,  Italy
*2017 Simons Professorial Fellowship at the Niels Bohr International Academy 
*2017 The European Physical Society Prize in Statistical and Nonlinear Physics
*2019 Fellowship of the “1000 Talents Program”, The People’s Republic of China
*2021 Honorary Member of the Physical Society of Uzbekistan
*2021 Nominated to the Section Committee of Physics and Engineering Sciences of Academia Europaea
*2022 PhD Honoris Causa, the Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain
*2023 Leo P. Kadanoff Prize of the American Physical Society
*2024 Honorary Professor of Ningbo University of Technology, Ningbo, China

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