!!Matthias Peter - Curriculum Vitae
__Research interests: __

*Biochemistry and Cell Biology\\

* Research in the Peter laboratory is focused on understanding mechanisms that govern cell growth and division. His laboratory has made key contributions on how ubiquitin-dependent mechanisms regulate DNA replication and mitosis. Moreover, his laboratory studies how selective degradation of excess and/or damaged protein complexes and organelles by autophagy ensures quality control and contributes to survival during nutrient starvation.

* The ETH Zürich is a renowned engineering school that has a strong interdisciplinary research and teaching program in all aspects of Life Sciences. In particular, the Department of Biology aims at understanding molecular mechanisms governing health and disease, with a balance of experts focusing on technology/method development and researchers that apply these methods to relevant biological processes.
__Brief biography__
*Since 2002  Professor for Biochemistry, ETH Zurich\\
*2011-2015  Chair of the Department of Biology, ETH Zurich\\
*2008-2011 Vice-chair of the Department of Biology, ETH Zurich\\
*2003-2004  Chair of the Institute of Biochemistry, ETH Zurich\\
*1996-2002  Assistant/Associate Professor at the Swiss Institute for Exp. Cancer Research (ISREC), Epalinges s/Lausanne\\
*1991-1996 Post-doctoral fellow with Prof. Ira Herskowitz, UCSF/USA\\
*1988-1991 PhD with Dr. Erich Nigg, Swiss Institute for Exp. Cancer Research (ISREC), Epalinges s/Lausanne \\
*1987 ETH Zurich Diploma with Specification in Gene Technology and Cell Biology \\
__Main publications:__\\
Brodersen, M.L., , Lampert, F., Barnes, C.A., Soste, M., Piwko, W., and Peter, M. (2016) CRL4WDR23-mediated SLBP ubiquitylation ensures histone supply during DNA replication.\\
Mol. Cell, in press.\\
Mosadeghi, R., Reichermeier, K., Winkler, M., Schreiber, A., Reitsma, J.M., Zhang, Y., Stengel, F., Cao, J., Kim, M., Sweredoski, M.J., Hess, S., Leitner, A., Aebersold, R., Peter. M.*, Deshaies, R.J.*, and Enchev, R.I.* (2016) Structural and kinetic analysis of the COP9-Signalosome activation and the cullin-RING ubiquitin ligase deneddylation cycle. *corresponding authors.\\
Elife, in press.\\
Hegemann, B., Unger, M., Lee, S.S., Stoffel-Studer, I., van den Heuvel, J., Pelet, S., Koeppl, H., and Peter, M. (2015) A Cellular System for Spatial Signal Decoding in Chemical Gradients. \\
Dev Cell, 35, 1-13. \\
Dechant, R., Saad, S., Ibáñez, J., and Peter, M., (2014) Cytosolic pH regulates cell growth through distinct GTPases, Arf1 and Gtr1, to promote Ras/PKA and TORC1 activity.\\
Mol. Cell, 55(3), 409-21.\\
Beck, J.*, Maerki, S.*, Posch, M., Metzger, T., Persaud, A., Scheel, H., Hofmann, K., Rotin, D., Pedrioli, P., Swedlow, J.R., Peter, M.*, and Sumara, I.* (2013) Ubiquitylation-dependent localization of PLK1 in mitosis.\\
Nat. Cell. Biol., 15 (4), 430-9, *equal contribution.\\
Enchev, R, Scott, D, da Fonseca, P, Schreiber, A, Monda, J, Schulman, B A*, Peter, M*, and Morris, E* (2012). Structural basis for a reciprocal regulation between SCF and CSN. \\
Cell Reports, 2, 3, 616-627. *corresponding author’s.\\
Pelet, S., Rudolf, F., Nadal-Ribelles, M., de Nadal, E., Posas, F. and Peter, M. (2011)\\
Transient activation of the HOG MAPK pathway regulates bimodal gene expression.\\
Science, 332, 732-735 (cited: 52x).\\
Leidel S, Pedrioli PGA, Bucher T, Brost R, Costanzo M, Schmidt A, Aebersold R, Boone C, Hofmann K, and Peter M (2009) Ubiquitin-related modifier Urm1 acts as a sulfur-carrier in thiolation of eukaryotic tRNA. \\
Nature, 458, 228-232 (cited: 102x).\\
Kraft, C., Deplazes, A., Sohrmann, M., and Peter, M. (2008) Mature ribosomes are selectively degraded upon starvation by an autophagy pathway requiring the Ubp3p/Bre5p ubiquitin protease. \\
Nature Cell Biology, 10, (5), 602-610 (cited: 281x).\\
Kurz, T., Ozlü, N., O’Rourke, S., Rudolf, F., Luke, B., Hyman, A.A., Bowerman, B., and Peter, M. (2005) The conserved protein DCN-1/Dcn1p is required for cullin neddylation in C. elegans and S. cerevisiae. \\
Nature, 435, 1257-61 (cited: 101x).\\
Pintard, L. Willis, J., Willems, A., Johnson, J., Srayko, M., Kurz, T., Glaser, S., Mains, P., Tyers, M., Bowerman, B. and Peter, M. (2003) The BTB-containing protein MEL-26 functions as a substrate-specific adapter of the CUL-3 ubiquitin ligase. \\
Nature, 425, 311-316 (cited: 275x).\\
Butty AC, Pryciak PM, Huang LS, Herskowitz I, and Peter M. (1998) The role of Far1p in linking the heterotrimeric G protein to polarity establishment proteins during yeast mating.\\
Science, 282,1511-6 (cited: 146x).\\
__Main prizes/awards:__
*2011 ERC Advanced Grant\\
*2006  MIT lecture\\
*2001 EMBO member\\
*2001 Promotion to ISREC Senior Scientist/Associate Professor\\
*1997 Helmut Horten Incentive award\\
*1996  Career development award START\\
__Languages:__ German, French, English\\
__Personal website:__ [http://www.bc.biol.ethz.ch/research/peter/people/matthias-peter.html]