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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2013 - present Director of the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
*1993 - present Professor (classe exceptionnelle) at UPMC
*1998 - 2013 Head of team M3N and BANG at INRIA
*1997 - 2007 On Duty at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris)
*1988 - 1993 Professor University of Orleans
*1983 - 1988 Assistant Professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Mathematical modeling for biomedical applications
*Analysis of models for tumor growth
*Bacterial cell motion (kinetic to macroscopic)
*Models for evolution/selection
*Mean field models for neural networks
*Hyperbolic systems
*Compressible Euler equations
*Kinetic formultion and Kinetic schemes
*Kinetic equations
*Averaging lemmas
*Vlasov equations  
*High frequency limits 
*Optimal control and Hamilton-Jacobi equations
*Method of semi-relaxed limits
__Honours and Awards__
*2015 Grand Prix INRIA - French Academy of Sciences
*2014 Plenary Speaker at ICM Seoul
*2013 Blaise Pascal Medal (EURASC)
*2011 Invited Speaker at ICIAM (Vancouver)
*2007-16 Senior Researcher at Institut Universitaire de France
*1997 Prize Sacchi-Landriani (Academia Lombarda di Scienze e Lettere, Milan)
*1994 Silver Medal CNRS 
*1989 Pecot Prize (Collège de France)

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