!!Peter Paule
!Short laudatio by Bruno Buchberger
Peter Paule is one of the 3 pionieers in the world who initiated and built
up a completely new field, called "symbolic combinatorics".
Peter Paule is the current chairman of RISC (Research Institute of Symbolic
Computation), one of the three leading centers for symbolic computation
in the world.
\\ \\
Peter Paule is member of the exclusive editorial board of the "Handbook
of Special Functions" (NIST Digital Library). He introduced methods for
the verification of identities for special functions.
Paule's research interests cover many areas: combinatorics, computer algebra,
and special functions. He is one of the founders of the relatively young
area "symbolic computation in combinatorics". In addition, Prof. Paule
seeks to apply algorithmic methods in a novel way to areas in mathematics,
but also to related fields like physics. Currently Paule is director of,
the FWF Doctoral Program "Computational Mathematics". Paule collaborates
with DESY and the JKU. Paule's scientific achievements are supplemented
by concrete computer algebra software that is used world-wide.
\\ \\
Paule has been invited key-note speaker at flagship conferences in all
the areas mentioned above, for example, the FPSAC'07 (combinatorics), CALCULEMUS
2007 (symbolic computation), the International Conference on Difference
Equations, Special Functions and Applications 2005 (special functions),
or the 6th International School on Theoretical Physics 2000 (physics).
\\ \\
In addition, Paule was serving as program chair for a number of top conferences
and is on the editorial board of some of the leading journals in his area.
Paule was the only nominee of the Johannes Kepler University Linz for the
Wittgenstein Award in the years 2008, 2010.
\\ \\
In 2009 Dr. Kauers, a former PhD student of Paule, received a START Award.
Paule is member of the ÖAW fellowship commission (by unanimous suggestion
of the Austrian Rektorenkonferenz).

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