!!Balázs Papp - Curriculum Vitae
*2004 PhD in biology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, with Eörs Szathmáry\\
*2001 MSc in biology, biology & physics teacher, University of Debrecen, Faculty of Science, Debrecen, Hungary
*2005 – 2007: Long-Term Fellow of the Human Frontier Science Program Organisation, The University of Manchester, UK\\
*2004 Marie Curie Travelling Fellowship, University of Manchester, UK (Stephen G Oliver)\\
*2003 Junior Fellow at the Collegium Budapest (Institute for Advanced Study)\\
*2002 Marie Curie Travelling Fellowship, University of Bath, UK (Laurence D Hurst)
*2013 Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellowship\\
*2010 EU FP7 Initial Training Network (METAFLUX), participant\\
*2009 Momentum ('Lendület') Young Investigator Grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences\\
*2008 Human Frontiers Science Programme Organization Career Development Award\\
*2008 Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, postdoc
__Scientometric indicators:__
*Total number of publications: 49\\
*Cumulative impact factor: 630\\
__Total citations:__ 5663 /last 5 years: 3547/  -- based on Google Scholar\\
__Hirsch index:__ 28 /last 5 years: 27/\\
__Professional bodies and memberships:__\\
Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution; Hungarian Biochemical Society; János Bolyai Research Scholarship panel\\
__Teaching Experience:__ \\
Otto Warburg International Summer School on Computational Systems Biology; BBSRC summer school in Molecular Evolution and Diversity; MSc courses on systems biology and bioinformatics (University of Cambridge, University of Szeged, Eötvös University)\\
__Selected invited conference talks:__
*2015 4th Conference on Constraint-based Reconstruction and Analysis, Heidelberg, Germany\\
*2013 Biological Control Networks Symposium, Barcelona, Spain\\
*2013 Plant Genome Evolution conference, Amsterdam\\
*2013 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting on Systems Biology, NY, USA\\
*2012 International Conference on Systems Biology 2012, Toronto, Canada\\
*2012 ‘Protein evolution’ workshop, Munich, Germany\\
*2012 ‘Bioinformatics and Systems Biology – Bridging the Divide’, Lorentz Centre Workshop, Leiden, Netherlands\\
*2011 4th European Conference on Chemistry for Life Sciences, Budapest, Hungary\\
*2011 ‘1st Conference on Constraint-based Reconstruction and Analysis’, Reykjavik, Iceland\\
*2010 ‘From Phenotypes to Pathways’ European Science Foundation exploratory workshop, Cambridge, UK\\
*2010 Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Annual Meeting, Lyon, France\\
*2009 ‘Physics of Living Matter 4’, Cambridge, UK\\
*2009 MIB workshop on Network Biology, Columbus, Ohio\\
*2007 CIAR Genetic Networks Program, Toronto, Canada\\
*2004 Gordon Research Conference on „Macromolecular Organization & Cell Function”, Oxford, UK