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__Present and Previous Positions__
*2014 - present Chairman of the Cambridge Enterprise Board
*Jan 2010 – August 2014 President & Rector, Imperial College London 
*July 2008 – Dec 2009 Director, Security Sciences and Technology Institute, Imperial College London 
*Jan 2004 - April 2008 Director-General Science and Innovation, Dept. for Innovation and Universities and Skills 
*Jan 2000 - July 2004 Chief Scientific Advisor, UK Ministry of Defence 
*Sep. 1995 - Dec 1999 Head of Earth Sciences and Professor of Physics and Chemistry Minerals, Oxford
*Sep.1979 - Aug 1995 Royal Society Research Professor, Cambridge
*July 1975 - Aug1979 Professor of Geochemistry, Columbia, New York 
*Jan 1971 - June 1975 Lecturer in Geochemistry, Oxford 
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
**1979 Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
**1980 Member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
**1983 Fellow of the Royal Society
**1990 Member of Academia Europaea
**1997 Geochemistry Fellow (Joint Geochem. Soc. /Eur. Assoc. Geochem.)
**1998 Honorary Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences
**1997 Fellow of the Institute of Physics
**2001 Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy    
**2005 Fellow Royal Academy of Engineering (Honorary)
**1999 Knight Bachelor-Services to Earth Science (Birthday Honours)
**2000 Honorary Fellow, University of Cardiff
**2004 Honorary Doctor of Science, Herriot-Watt University
**2005 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Glasgow
**2005 Honorary Doctor of Science, Royal Holloway
**2005 Docteur Honoris Causa, University of Paris
**2006 Honorary Doctor of Science, Loughborough University
**2007 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Alberta
**2007 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Edinburgh
**2007 Honorary Doctor of Science, Abertay University
**2009 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Nottingham
**2010 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Birmingham
**1979 J.B. Macelwane Award (American Geophysical Union)
**1983 Bigsby Medal (Geological Society of London)
**1985 Hallimond Lecturer (Mineralogical Society)
**1986 UK-Canada Rutherford Lecturer (Royal Society)
**1986 William Smith Lecturer (Geological Society of London)
**1990 Ingerson Lecturer (Geological Society of America)
**1995 Arthur Holmes Medal (European Union of Geosciences)
**1995 Lyell Medal (Geological Society of London)
**1998 Jaeger-Hales Lecturer, Australian National University
**2001 Urey Medal (European Association Geochemistry)
**2004 Bruce Preller Prize Lecturer, Royal Society of Edinburgh
*1999 Knighthood for services to Earth Sciences in the 1999 Queen's Birthday Honours
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