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__Present and Previous Positions__
*May 73 Ph.D., Pharmacology, University of Aberdeen,
*Oct 73 - Sep 74 Research Fellow, Department of Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Aberdeen; and Registrar in General Medicine, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
*Oct 74 - Jun 75 Research Fellow, Unit for Research on Addictive Drugs, University of Aberdeen (Director: Dr. Hans W. Kosterlitz)
*Jul 75 - Jun 77 Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago
*Jul 77 - Jun 81 Associate Professor
*Jul 81 - Jun 85 Associate Professor of Neuropharmacology, Department of Applied Biological Sciences, Massachusetts, Institute of Technology (prior to 1985 this was the Department of Nutrition and Food Science)
*Jul 85 - Dec 86 Professor of Neuropharmacology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
*Jan 87 - Sep 93 Senior Scientist, Vollum Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research; and Professor of Neurology, Oregon Health Sciences University
*Oct 93 - Mar 98 Principal Scientist, Geneva Biomedical Research Institute, Glaxo Wellcome Research and Development (prior to May 96 this was the Glaxo Institute for Molecular Biology)
*Jun 98 – Jun 04 Professor of Molecular Physiology, Director of the Institute of Molecular Physiology, University of Sheffield
*Jun 04 – Sep 08 Vice President, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester
*Sep 06 – Apr 2011 Vice-President, Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, University of Manchester, Director of Manchester Academic Health Science Centre
*Apr 2011 - Nov 2013 Professor, Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, University of Manchester
*Dec 2013 - present Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester 
__Fields of Scholarship__
*Ion channels
*P2X receptors 
__Honours and Awards__
*1995 Royal Society of London F.R.S.
*1998 University of Aberdeen D.Sc.
*2000 Royal College of Physicians F.R.C.P.
*2002 - 2005 President, The Physiological Society 
*2004 Member Academia Europae
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