!!Dan-Eric Nilsson - List of publications
__20 most important publications__
*Nilsson D-E (1983) Evolutionary links between apposition and superposition optics in crustacean eyes. Nature 302: 818-821
*Nilsson D-E, Land MF, Howard J (1984) Afocal apposition optics in butterfly eyes. Nature 312: 561-563
*Nilsson D-E, Land MF, Howard J (1988) Optics of the butterfly eye. J Comp Physiol A 162: 341-366
*Nilsson D-E (1988) A new type of imaging optics in compound eyes. Nature 332: 76-78
*Nilsson D-E (1989) Optics and evolution of the compound eye. In: Stavenga DG, Hardie R (eds), Facets of vision. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg
*Nilsson D-E (1990) From cornea to retinal image in invertebrate eyes. Trends Neurosci 13: 55-64
*Nilsson D-E, Modlin RF (1994) A mysid shrimp carrying a pair of binoculars. J Exp Biol 189: 213- 236
*Nilsson D-E, Pelger S (1994) A pessimistic estimate of the time required for an eye to evolve. Proc R Soc Lond B 256: 53-58
*Nilsson D-E, Ro A-I (1994) Did neural pooling for night vision lead to the evolution of neural superposition eyes? J Comp Physiol A 175: 289-302
*Nilsson D-E (1994) Eyes as optical alarm systems in fan worms and ark clams. Phil Trans R Soc B 346: 195-212
*Nilsson D-E (1996) Eye ancestry: Old genes for new eyes. Current Biol. 6: 39-42
*Warrant EJ, Nilsson D-E (1998) Absorption of white light in photoreceptors. Vision Res 38: 195-207
*Dacke M, Nilsson D-E, Warrant EJ, Blest AD, Land MF, O’Carroll DC (1999) Built in polarizers form part of a compass organ in spiders. Nature 401: 470-473
*Land MF, Nilsson D-E (2002) Anima l Eye s, Oxford Univ Press, 221 pp
*Gislén A, Dacke M, Kröger RHH, Abrahamsson M, Nilsson D-E, Warrant EJ (2003) Superior underwater vision in a human population of sea gypsies. Curr Biol 13: 833-836.
*Dacke M, Nilsson D-E, Scholtz CH, Byrne M, Warrant EJ (2003) Insect orientation to polarized moonlight. Nature 424: 33
*Nordström K, Wallén R, Seymour J, Nilsson D-E (2003) A simple visual system without neurons in jellyfish larvae. Proc R Soc Lond B 270: 2349-2354
*Nilsson D-E (2004) Eye evolution: a question of genetic promiscuity. Curr Opin Neurobiol 14: 407-414
*Nilsson D-E, Gislén L, Coates MM, Skogh C, Garm A (2005) Advanced optics in a jellyfish eye. Nature 435: 201-205
*Warrant E, Nilsson D-E (2006) Invertebrate Vision (eds). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
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