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__Present and Previous Positions__
*Emeritus Professor of Physiology, KU Leuven
*2005 – 2010 Director of the Center of Excellence KU Leuven “TRP Channels”
*1992 - 1993 Leader Max Planck Research Group “Mol Cell Physiology” connected to the Max Planck Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Membrane Biophysics (Prof. Erwin Neher), Göttingen (Germany).
*1990 - 1991 Full Professor of Physiology and Chairman at the Medical University Erfurt, Department of Medical Physiology, Erfurt, Germany
*1985 - 1990 Associate Professor of Physiology, Julius Bernstein Institut of Physiology, Martin Luther University, Halle (Germany)
*1980 - 1985 Assistant Professor, same Institute
*1970 - 1980 Research Associate, same Institute
__Fields of Scholarship__
*General cellular physiology
*Membranes and transport
*Mathematical biology, models and theory
__Honours and Awards__
*1979 Research Award  1.Class Martin Luther University, Halle - Wittenberg
*1980 Johannes Müller Award of the Society of Experimental Medicine Germany
*1985 Research Award 1.Class of the Martin Luther University, Halle - Wittenberg
*1987 "Hermann Kolbe Award", research award of the Pharmaceutical Industry 
*1987 Appointment IUPS workshop as "Principal Instructor and Lecturer", Academia Sinica (China, Shangai, led by Prof. Dr. R.W. Tsien)
*1988 Rudolf Virchow Research Award
*1989 Corresponding Foreign Member of the Royal Academy of Medical Sciences, Belgium
*1990  Member of the Academia Europea
*1990 – 1992 Corresponding Member of the German Academy of Sciences to Berlin
*1992 Appointment for the Chair of Physiology at the State University New York, Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn, USA; refused December 1992
*1992 Appointment Full Professor of Physiology, Department of Physiology, University of Calgary, Medical School refused September 1993
*1997-2001 Nomination as expert referee at the European Commission for the “BIOMED” programme
*1998 Chairman and organizer of the symposium “Signal transduction in endothelium: mechano-sensing, ion channels and intracellular calcium”, World Meeting Life Sciences, INABIS, McMaster University Toronto, Canada, 
*1999 Member of the National Science Foundation (Belgium), Commission “Physiology” (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, F.W.O.)
*2000 Honorary Membership Slovak Physiological Societ
*2000/2001 President of the Belgian Society of Physiology and Pharmacology
*2002 - 2006 Consultant of the Pharmaceutical Group NEUROSEARCH (Denmark, UK)
*2005 Chairman Gordon Research Conference, “Calcium Signalling”, Oxford, session TRP channels
*2005 - 2009 Consultant of the Pharmaceutical Group REDPOINT, New Yersey, USA, XENTION, Cambridge, UK, GIVAUDAN, CH,
*2006	Dautrebande Award of the Royal Academy of Sciences Belgium awarded by the Belgian Queen
*2007	Elected Member of EMBO (European Mol Biol Organization), Member Advisory Board EMBO Journals
*2009	Appointment as foreign scientific advisor for the translational Research Center in Debrecen, Hungary: DERMINOVA: Cutaneous Biology Research Center: Integrating innovation-oriented research activities of the University of Debrecen in order to investigate cutaneous biology and pathomechanisms of diseases affecting large populations
*2009 Appointment as Honorary Guest Professor at the Medical University Chongqing, China
*2010 Scientific Avisor ONO-Pharmaceuticals, Japan
*2010 Scientific Avisor Grünenthal -Pharmaceuticals, Germany
*2010 Member Commission Forton Foundation, CFTR, Koning Boudewijn Stichting
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