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__Present and Previous Positions__
* 2013, 01 Professor of Gastrointestinal Pathology, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (current)
* 2014, 01 Expert Pathologist of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program, the Netherlands (current)
* 2008, 01 Consultant pathologist (Gastrointestinal Pathology), Department of Pathology, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (current)
* 2008 , 01-2009,03  Consultant pathologist of the National Expert Center for Breast Cancer Screening, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
* 2007, 06-12 Fellow of the Dutch Cancer Society: Queen Mary University, London, UK, Department of Epidemiology, Mathematics and Statistics, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
* 2006, 09- 2007, 06  Fellow of the Dutch cancer Society, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
* 2006, 06-09  Fellow of the Dutch Cancer Society:  Falu Lasarett, Falun, Sweden, Departments of Mammography and Pathology
* 2006, 01-06  Fellow of the Dutch Cancer Society:  Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Department of Pathology.
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*2012 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Dutch Cancer Society
*2012 Rising Star Award of the United European Gastroenterology Federations 
*2012 Jin Sik Min Memorial Lecture at the Asian Pacific Colorectal Cancer Congress 
*2006 Fellowship of the Dutch Cancer Society 
*2003 AstraZeneca Research Award for the best gastrointestinal PhD thesis in the Netherlands 
*2002 Cum laude PhD degree, Leiden University

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