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Anna Morpurgo Davies passed away September 27, 2014.
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__Positions Held__
*2004- Professor Emeritus of Comparative Philology, University of Oxford; Emeritus Fellow, Somerville College
*2003 - 2004 Diebold Professor of Comparative Philology, University of Oxford
*2000 Sather Professor, Department of Classics, University of California at Berkeley
*1975 Collitz Professor of the LSA, Linguistic Institute, Tampa, Florida
*1971 - 2004  Fellow of Somerville College, University of Oxford
*1971 - 2003 Professor of Comparative Philology, University of Oxford
*1966 - 1971 Fellow of St. Hilda's College, Oxford (Honorary Fellow 1972-)
*1964 - 1971  University Lecturer in Classical Philology, University of Oxford
*1962 - 1963  Junior Fellow, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC (Harvard University)
*1959 - 1961 Assistent in Classical Philology, University of Rome
*1959 Dott. Lett. University of Rome, 1963 libera docenza University of Rome
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*1972 Honorary Fellow, St. Hilda's College, Oxford
*1981 Hon. D. Litt.,  University of St. Andrews, Scotland
*1985 Fellow of the British Academy (linguistics section, classical section)
*1986 Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
*1988 Corresponding Member of the Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
*1989 Member of the Academia Europaea
*1991 Foreign Member of the American Philosophical Society
*1992 Corresponding  Member of the Institut de France (Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres)
*1993 Honorary Member of the Linguistic Society of America
*1996 Premio Linceo per la linguistica, Accademia dei Lincei, Rome.
*1998 Corresponding Member of the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
*2001 Hon. DBE (Dame Commander of the British Empire)
*2004 Presented with a Festschrift: Indo-European Perspectives. Studies in Honour of   Anna Morpurgo Davies, Edited by J.H.W. Penney, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
*2009 Doctorat honoris causa, Université de Nancy 2 
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